Currently free of charge instead of 4.19 euros: This Android app simply belongs on the smartphone

Currently free of charge instead of 4.19 euros: This Android app simply belongs on the smartphone

There is currently a free Android app in the Google Play Store, which otherwise costs 4.19 euros. With "Weather App Pro" you not only get the latest weather information, but you can also access the weather radar and get a precise preview of the upcoming weather.

Free Android app: "Weather App Pro" for free instead of 4.19 euros

The weather in Germany is currently somewhat unpredictable. One day the sun is shining and it's warm, the next day it's pouring rain and suddenly it's much colder. It is all the more important to have a weather app on your smartphone that provides information about every dangerous weather situation . The weather report on the radio or TV is nice, but the forecasts are not always that reliable.

If a look out of the window is not enough, you can currently download the "Weather App Pro" for Android free of charge. This means that you always stay up to date and receive many additional parameters that are missing in other apps. The free promotion runs until September 19, 2021 if the developer does not end it early.

If you secure the "Weather App Pro" app now for free, you can continue to download it for free from the Google Play Store even after the promotion has ended. The app is linked to the Google account.

In the video we show you more practical Android apps:

Weather App Pro: What is the Android app good for?

There are many weather apps in the Google Play Store, some of which are made available for download free of charge and financed with advertising. Is "Weather App Pro" worth the 4.19 euros otherwise required? It's hard to answer. What is clear, however, is that the application leaves a very good impression with over 100,000 downloads. The over 28,000 4.8-star ratings are also very good. Since the Android app is currently free, the question hardly arises. If you want a comprehensive weather app, you should access it here.


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