Consumer advocates warn: These apps can be life-threatening

Consumer advocates warn: These apps can be life-threatening

Smartphones have changed our everyday life and offer the right app for every purpose. The consumer center Saxony-Anhalt is now warning against the careless use of a number of popular apps. There is even talk of mortal danger.

There is an often underestimated danger: mushroom poisoning . Between 2000 and 2018, more than 4,000 people in Germany alone were poisoned by poisonous mushrooms and had to be treated as inpatients (source: Ă„rzteblatt). Even help came too late for 22, they died as a result of mushroom poisoning. Knowing which mushrooms are suitable for consumption and which are not can, in extreme cases, make the difference between life and death. But you should n't just rely on apps for this .

Consumer advocates warn against mushroom apps on the cell phone

This is currently pointed out by the consumer advice center in Saxony-Anhalt (source: MDR). "The promise to identify mushrooms that you have picked yourself simply by photo can have serious consequences," said a spokesman for the consumer association. In principle, it is possible to identify mushrooms with such apps. But the apps would use too few features . For example, characteristics such as smell or consistency are elementary for unequivocal identification. In case of doubt, there is even mortal danger.

If it is already too late, the German Society for Mycology eV advises in the case of mushroom poisoning to seek medical help immediately or to contact the poison emergency number. It is also important to secure leftover mushrooms. And: stay away from home remedies! Drinking milk or salt water to encourage vomiting can have serious disadvantages.

In the video : These apps should not be missing on your mobile phone.

Many apps available for Android and iPhone

There is a wide variety of mushrooms in German forests. Many are suitable for consumption, but some are not. Apps for Android smartphones and the iPhone enable mushrooms to be identified . In our topic special we have put together some of the best apps: Identify and recognize mushrooms via app (Android, iPhone and online on the PC): This is how it works.

The only thing you shouldn't rely on is the judgment of the apps.


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