Change in the telecommunications network: If you don t intervene, you risk total failure

Change in the telecommunications network: If you don t intervene, you risk total failure

Telekom customers should take a close look at their accounts with the mobile operator. A practical offer for prepaid customers no longer works as before. Those affected have to take action, otherwise they will be permanently stuck in a dead zone.

Telekom: Automatic top-up switched off with prepaid

Anyone who is on the move with a smartphone or tablet in the Telekom network can usually stream, make calls or send messages without worry. At the moment, however, it can happen with some customers that suddenly nothing works.

The reason is a technical change on the part of Telekom: The mobile phone provider can therefore only carry out automatic top-ups for prepaid customers who have set this up since September 1st . All older ones are no longer valid (source: Telekom). All contract customers of Telekom are therefore not affected. Nothing will change for prepaid customers who have not activated automatic top-up.

The automatic top-up is intended to simplify payment for prepaid customers . If the credit is replenished as soon as it has been used, you are on the safe side. But if you rely on it exactly, you can now face total failure. If you do not renew your automatic top-up from before September, it will soon be: no network, no telephoning or streaming.

Telekom customers have to act

The solution for affected prepaid Telekom customers is simple: the automatic top-up can be reactivated in the payment options on the Telekom website or in the Mein-Magenta app . So you are back on the safe side with mobile communications.

But what is behind the "technical reasons" of Telekom? Apparently, no external billing service provider has been working for Telekom in the background for a few days. Instead, the billing now runs directly on its own platform (source: dpa via t-online).

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The latter, in turn, cannot simply take over the consent of the customers to debit their accounts. In principle, Telekom acts in the interests of its customers, even if this can lead to unpleasant surprises in some cases.


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