Cell phone updates: do we really need them that long? - xiaomist headlines

Cell phone updates: do we really need them that long? - xiaomist headlines

How many years should a smartphone be provided with updates? The EU Commission and the German government have been asking themselves this question over the past few weeks. Both came out with different results. You can find out what they look like and what else has happened this week in this issue of xiaomist Headlines.

Federal government calls for longer support for smartphones

If there's one thing Android users can envy Apple fans for, it's software support.

It's hard to find a reasonably up-to-date iPhone that isn't in some way still maintained with iOS updates.

And with Android? Three years if you're lucky. Google is planning four.

In the future, it should not fail because of luck. As heise reported, the EU Commission plans, among other things, that manufacturers must ensure security updates for their devices for at least five years . In addition, permanently installed batteries should be able to withstand 1,000 charging cycles in the future and spare parts should be kept ready.

That does not go far enough for the federal government. According to a spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry of Economics, updates will be made available for seven years.

The question now arises as to which cell phones we had seven years ago and whether we would still want to use them today.

Either way: These demands are not yet set in stone, there is still a lot that can change.

Samsung is planning a camera sensor with a huge resolution

Not only did Samsung introduce a 200-megapixel camera sensor some time ago, now SamMobile is reporting plans for the company to work on an even bigger camera.
The planned sensor should have a resolution of 576 megapixels.

However, this camera technology should not be used in smartphones, but rather be offered to car manufacturers. The high-resolution camera sensors should enable autonomous vehicles to perceive their surroundings better.
The sensors should be developed by 2025.

LG develops new folding display technology

As "The Next Web" reported, there will be a new technology from LG, which we will probably soon be able to see in some foldables.
The chemical division of LG is said to have succeeded in producing a new material for folding displays in which the visible fold in the middle of the display is eliminated . The new material should be able to withstand a total of 200,000 folding processes, i.e. it should last an average of five years.

The production of the new "cover window" is to begin in 2022, partners for this technology have not yet been announced.

RTX 3080 Ti with 20 GB VRAM discovered

Officially, the RTX 3080 Ti from Nvidia "only" has 12 GB of VRAM on board. "That is not enough," say many on the Internet, who are particularly interested in the cards from AMD, which come with 16 GB of VRAM. According to the rumor mill, the 3080 Ti should have been equipped with 20 GB of graphics memory. And as it now turns out, the rumor mill was right.
An RTX-3080-Ti model with the full 20 GB of VRAM recently appeared in Russia. So it looks like some of the cards were produced before the decision was made to save 8 GB of the graphics memory at short notice.

Why the decision was made at Nvidia is not yet known. We suspect to separate the RTX 3080 Ti with 12 GB VRAM from the top model, the RTX 3090 with 24 GB.
In addition: Perhaps that way you can save one or two euros in production.


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