Big change in eBay classifieds: A new name is needed

Big change in eBay classifieds: A new name is needed

Whether electrical appliances or antiques: If you want to turn old things into money, you often go to eBay classifieds. The portal has lifted the flea market into the digital age. In future, however, users of the sales platform will have to get used to it, because "eBay classified ads" will no longer exist in this form.

The Norwegian provider Adevinta eBay classifieds cost several billion euros last year. Buyers and sellers on eBay classifieds are unlikely to have noticed anything of the takeover. But that will change suddenly from 2024 onwards.

eBay Classifieds will get a new logo and name in 2024

Because the portal is only allowed to operate under the eBay classifieds listing for three years and use the well-known brand identity, including logo and name (source: RND). "For a period of three years we can use the brand name Ebay classifieds as it is - with the logo and everything that goes with it," says Toren Berlins, who is managing director of eBay classifieds. After that, it's over and eBay and eBay classified ads are also going separate ways to the outside world. It is not yet known what new name the sales portal will have.

A name change is not without its risks : The brands eBay and eBay Classifieds are well known and thus inspire trust. If they cease to exist, quite a few users could look around for alternatives. The new owner must moderate the name change well and accompany it communicatively. EBay classified ads currently reach around 66 percent of German Internet users.

We explain in the video how you successfully sell products on eBay:

Many alternatives serve niches

In the past few years, a number of alternatives to eBay classified ads have developed that primarily serve niches such as the online portal fairmondo for environmentally conscious people or Vinted for old favorites. So the competition is not sleeping - and is likely to try to make a profit from the name change from eBay classifieds.


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