Bankruptcy for Samsung: Galaxy S22 can t even beat iPhone 12 Pro

Bankruptcy for Samsung: Galaxy S22 can t even beat iPhone 12 Pro

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 should actually have to assert itself against the iPhone 13. But it is already clear that the next top smartphone from Samsung cannot even outperform the current generation in terms of performance.

Samsung Galaxy S22: First benchmark disappointed

Apple will introduce the iPhone 13 tomorrow and at the same time introduce a new Apple A15 processor. Samsung will follow suit in January with the Galaxy S22 and Exynos 2200, which are expected to increase their performance thanks to the AMD GPU. A first benchmark of the Samsung smartphone shows that you should n't have too high expectations (source: Ice Universe). Because the Exynos 2200 doesn't even outperform the Apple A14 that works in the iPhone 12 Pro.

According to this, the Samsung Galaxy S22 with Exynos 2200 got 1,073 points in the single-core and 3,389 points in the multi-core test by Geekbench. The leaker says, however, that the performance in the final version will be higher, as the clock will be increased from 2.59 to 3.00 GHz. Even then, the iPhone 12 Pro is unlikely to be beaten . The Apple A14 got 1,575 points in the single-core and 3,857 in the multi-core test. The expectations were significantly higher.

If you consider that the Apple A15 in the iPhone 13 Pro will go one step further, Samsung is massively inferior to the big competitor in the Galaxy S22. It is quite possible that the performance in games could be a bit higher due to the AMD GPU, but that has yet to be shown. Here, too, Apple is making significant gains year after year.

Samsung wants to be successful with folding phones. In the video we tell you how good the new models are:

Samsung Galaxy S22: Presentation in January 2022

Of course, the result is only an initial benchmark for a pre-production model. The performance in normal use could be excellent and leave little to be desired. Nevertheless, one can use the raw numbers to compare the development progress of the companies. And here Samsung has to add a lot in order not to be shaken off completely. Apple has proven what the company is capable of with the M1 processor.


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