Apple Watch learns to ride a bike: New smartwatch feature now officially

Apple Watch learns to ride a bike: New smartwatch feature now officially

With the new Apple Watch 7, a long-awaited function is finally becoming a reality, because the sport of "cycling" is no longer neglected by Apple. Thanks to watchOS 8, older smartwatch models also benefit from this.

What annoyed me personally when I tested the Apple Watch Series 5 three years ago? So far, bike trips are unfortunately not recognized automatically. Users always have to start such a training session manually. How stupid is that? Even my much cheaper fitness tracker has mastered this task for years without any problems. Not only did I bother me, but now Apple is finally making improvements.

For Apple Watch 7, 6 and SE: Bike trainings are finally recognized automatically

The new Apple Watch 7 eliminates the flaw right from the start. But you don't have to wait until the start of sales, which is still not precise, because older models of the Apple Watch receive the feature with the release of watchOS 8 (source: Apple). It is officially stated:

"The Apple Watch now recognizes when you are on the bike and asks you to start a bike training session. It can also automatically pause and start again when you pull over. "

This means that one of the most popular sports among Germans has recently received improved support on the Apple Watch, which the manufacturer originally promised us years ago. But then again not on all older models of the smartwatch. It has to be at least an Apple Watch SE or Apple Watch Series 6 if you want to use the automatic recognition of cycling training. Ergo: The good piece cannot be older than a year. Somehow annoying again.

And what about e-bikes? The popular bicycles with "auxiliary drive" are not unknown to Apple either. With watchOS 8, calorie consumption can now be measured better, thanks to an optimized algorithm.

The new Apple Watch 7 from Apple is so far only available in the video , a start of sales has not yet been announced:

Download from watchOS 8

WatchOS 8 has been available for free since Monday, September 20, 2021. The release took place together with iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. A release date for the Apple Watch 7 is not yet available. Apple itself speaks very vaguely of "later in autumn" - but it is well known that it does not end until the beginning of winter on December 21st. A long enough time for Apple to keep the delivery promise.


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