Apple Watch 8: Smartwatch is going to be a hot thing

Apple Watch 8: Smartwatch is going to be a hot thing

Now the Apple Watch 7 is on the horizon, but Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo is already mentioning a "hot" feature of the Apple Watch 8. The new smartwatch from 2022 will be a thermometer for the first time.

This year, Apple will most likely focus on the new design of the Apple Watch 7, but in 2022 there will be new sensors and health features again . Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo is currently sharing this knowledge with the public (source: Ming-Chi Kuo via MacRumors).

Apple Watch 8 as a clinical thermometer

The Apple Watch Series 8 can therefore measure the body temperature of the user and thus becomes a clinical thermometer on the wrist. Slight or larger temperature differences could be measured quickly and the user could be alerted, because high and low temperatures are often clear symptoms of illness.

However, it probably does not stop at temperature measurement, previously there were reports about other health functions and corresponding sensors. Should Apple successfully complete the work on it, we can expect for the Apple Watch in 2022:

Blood pressure measurement Measurement of blood sugar values (non-invasive, i.e. without taking blood)

With the first-mentioned feature, Apple would only emulate the competition from Samsung and Co., but the correct recording of blood sugar values ​​would still be a novelty for a smartwatch and would make the Apple Watch 8 much more attractive.

Speaking of blood ... in the video you will learn useful things about the so-called blood groups - by the way, no smartwatch can automatically recognize them yet:

Apple's previous health features for the smartwatch

The Apple Watch already combines a whole range of innovative features, all of which benefit your own health. It is worth remembering the possibility of monitoring the heart rate, the notification of cardiac arrhythmias, the EKG app, the blood oxygen measurement and also the fall detection. Apple's smartwatch is mutating more and more into a real "tricorder" from the Star Trek universe .


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