Apple Watch 7: Worst fear has occurred

Apple Watch 7: Worst fear has occurred

Aside from the iPhone 13, the Apple world is also waiting for the new Apple Watch 7. But it looks like we could all have to wait longer for the Smartwatch than we'd like - the worst fear has arisen.

According to recent reports, Apple is said to have stopped production of the Apple Watch Series 7 . As a result, the production of the smartwatch started on a small scale last week, but has currently had to be suspended (source: Nikkei Asia).

Apple Watch 7: Production of the smartwatch stopped

The reason for this are quality problems in production, based on the complexity of the new design , which differs significantly from the current generations of the watch. If you don't already know: The Apple Watch 7 should have a flat-edged design with slightly larger screens - the biggest change in shape since the first generation.

The Apple experts from Bloomberg have now also confirmed the production problems mentioned. This is the worst fear, because as it appears, the Apple Watch 7 will now be delayed, possibly even the presentation in September is in jeopardy.

Even if the start of sales is not yet certain, watchOS 8 with the gesture control shown in the video will appear punctually in autumn:

How bad is the delay?

How can Apple respond to this? Apple may show us the new smartwatch in a few weeks, but the start of sales will be postponed. If, on the other hand, the problems are of a larger nature and production does not start again in the foreseeable future or only to a limited extent, Apple could also opt for a much later presentation . Either way, it will take time.

Normally in the past Apple always presented new models of the Apple Watch together with the new iPhone in the fall. For the first time last year, Apple had to deviate from this tradition. At that time, however, it was not the Smartwatch that was delayed, but the iPhone 12. This year, the situation could repeat itself under the opposite direction - first the iPhone 13, then the Apple Watch 7.

After all, the latest horror report also contains something good, because as Nikkei Asia reports, the Apple Watch Series 7 will have the ability to measure the users' blood pressure . Not yet available from Apple in contrast to the competition from Samsung and Co.


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