Apple Watch 7: The worst case does not occur

Apple Watch 7: The worst case does not occur

Apple is currently struggling with production problems with the new Apple Watch 7. But the worst case to be expected will probably not happen, according to the current forecast from insider circles. But what does this ultimately mean for smartwatch customers?

A delay seems inevitable, because Apple last had to stop production of the Apple Watch Series 7. The new design, especially the slightly larger displays, pose an uncomfortable challenge for the manufacturer. A little hope is in order, however, because the worst-case scenario does not occur, according to Apple expert Mark Gurman .

Apple Watch 7: Presentation is not postponed

In the worst case, Apple would have to postpone the presentation of the Apple Watch 7. Fortunately, this does not happen, the insider still assumes that Apple will present the Smartwatch at the same time as the iPhone 13 in September (source: Mark Gurman via 9to5Mac). However, buyers will have to be patient again, because not all models will be directly available. The following applies:

"... there will be a mix of models that are delivered late or in small quantities. For those who witnessed the launch of the Apple Watch in 2015, this shouldn't be all that unusual. "

To make a long story short: Availability is scarce and not all variants will be available right from the start of sales . If you want to secure a model of the Apple Watch 7, you have to order as early as possible and hope for the best.

On the other hand, we won't have to wait for the new smartwatch system. What this offers, among other things, reveals the following video:

This also means stable or even increased prices for eBay resellers. So there won't be any real bargains for the Apple Watch 7 for now, as we will have to be patient for weeks or even months.

Focus on design only

This year, according to consistent reports, Apple would like to introduce a new design. The Apple Watch Series 7 should be flat-edged and have a slightly enlarged display - then available in 41 and 45 millimeters height. On the other hand, new health functions, such as measuring blood pressure and blood sugar, will only be available in the next generation. But only the Apple event, which may take place on September 14th, will bring certainty about this.


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