Apple Watch 7: A useful feature is probably missing

Apple Watch 7: A useful feature is probably missing

Users are longingly waiting for the new Apple Watch 7, but a useful feature is probably missing. Apple expert and insider Mark Gurman unfortunately has to spoil the game. So what do we probably have to do without?

The iPhone manufacturer is currently struggling with production problems with the new Apple Watch Series 7, in the worst case even the presentation of the new Smartwatch could be postponed. Nevertheless, the last message also contained a bit of hope, because a new function for the Apple Watch 7 seemed safe - blood pressure measurement.

Apple Watch 7: but no blood pressure measurement?

But the report promised too much, as Bloomberg reporter and Apple insider Mark Gurman now corrects. He does not believe in the integration of blood pressure measurement in the Apple Watch 7. He sums it up laconically in two words: no chance (source: Mark Gurman via Twitter). One should listen to this, after all, Gurman has been proven to have relevant contacts and is rarely wrong.

Since the Apple Watch Series 4 it is already possible to create an ECG with the smartwatch, as clearly explained in the video :

However, this should not be misunderstood as a general rejection for the future. At the beginning of the year it became known that Apple is the largest customer of the British start-up "Rockley Photonics". The company has been proven to develop non-invasive optical sensors to collect various blood-related health data, including blood pressure, blood sugar and blood alcohol levels. But the Apple Watch 7 should not yet benefit from this cooperation, only later versions of the Smartwatch will probably receive such sensors and functions.

We can count on such a design of the Apple Watch 7:

Apple's smartwatch in 2021: focus on hardware

As it turns out, Apple is likely to focus more on the new flat-edged design , the slightly larger screens, a faster chip and improved battery performance this year. In all likelihood, new health functions will only be received by the successor to the Apple Watch 7.


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