Apple Watch 7: The new display in size comparison

Apple Watch 7: The new display in size comparison

One can rightly say: The new Apple Watch 7 will be a big hit, because it will have the largest display of all Apple smartwatches to date. The only question is, what is the direct size comparison with the previous models? The answer is now in words and pictures.

All Apple experts and insiders are certain: The Apple Watch 7 will not only get a new flat-edged design, the screen sizes will also grow. Recently it got concrete, because the Apple Watch Series 7 should be available in two slightly larger sizes: 41 and 45 millimeters. A comparison that is well worth seeing now tells us how the new case looks compared to the previous models .

Size comparison: Apple Watch 7 vs. Apple Watch 6 vs. Apple Watch 3

We cannot thank any stranger for this, Parker Ortolani conjures up a corresponding sketch for the size comparison (source: 9to5Mac). Clearly recognizable: the Apple Watch 7 does not look big and clunky, because the narrow screen edge ensures that the smartwatch novelty looks much more graceful than its predecessor .

The large model (45 millimeters) will have a display measuring 1.9 inches - slightly larger than its predecessor (1.78 inches). This means that more pixels are available and the resolution grows to 396 x 484 pixels. The models from Apple Watch Series 4 onwards only have to be satisfied with 368 x 448 pixels. There are even fewer of the oldtimers, the Apple Watch Series 3, which is still available, seems as if it has been removed from the current era - fat frame and then only a resolution of 312 x 390 pixels.

If you are considering buying a smartwatch, you should take a look at our video beforehand :

The sketch is obviously content with the large model of the Apple Watch 7, for the small version in 41 millimeters still lacks precise information on resolution and display size. But even the big brother gives a good idea of ​​the future proportions.

Bigger but more aesthetic

In summary: Even if the Apple Watch 7 is on the rise, the manufacturer succeeds in a splendid feat due to the much more advantageous proportions , triggered by a better display-housing ratio. More screen instead of edge - we already know from the iPhone 12. It is well known that it has a so-called "screen-to-body rate" of a full 87.24 percent, compared to only 80.04 percent for the predecessor.


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