Apple Watch 7: Document reveals previously unmentioned "feature"

Apple Watch 7: Document reveals previously unmentioned

Apple has already presented the new Apple Watch 7, but not all of the secrets of the previously unavailable smartwatch have been revealed. Now a little bit of the veil is lifted and a "feature" previously unmentioned by Apple comes to light - what is this new wireless connection for?

Like every other manufacturer, Apple has to submit its devices to the American regulatory authority (FCC). This is what happened with the Apple Watch Series 7. So we now learn: The new Smartwatch has an unknown radio module for the range of 60.5 GHz that has so far been hidden from the public (source: FCC via MacRumors).

Apple Watch 7 has a mysterious radio module

It can be seen from the document that the said module works together with a magnetic dock (model number A2687) with a USB-C connection in order to transmit data wirelessly over the frequency spectrum of 60.5 GHz. Most likely with a speed of up to 480Mbps, so at USB 2.0 level. But what for?

The colleagues at MacRumors have an idea, most likely the "feature" is reserved for Apple employees. The Apple Watch 7 could then be reset using the dock or further diagnostic measures could be taken. So far, the models of the Apple Watch have had a hidden connection for a cable connection for this purpose. The question arises: Will the Apple Watch 7 still have this or does the radio module replace the port?

How does the Apple Watch 7 want to convince? In the video we see the highlights:

No concrete sales start

We won't find out until Apple finally sells the smartwatch. We were promised a market launch this fall. In terms of calendar, however, it also extends into late December. In this respect, Apple could theoretically take its time with the introduction .

Of course we hope for an earlier release date, maybe in October. Apart from slightly larger screens with narrower bezels, the Apple Wach 7 has not changed too much by the way. The manufacturer still owed us the hoped-for new design and will probably only be shown with the Apple Watch 8 in autumn 2022, if at all.


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