Apple versus the rest: One number shows the whole problem facing Android manufacturers

Apple versus the rest: One number shows the whole problem facing Android manufacturers

Market researchers know that Apple's secret recipe isn't all that secret: Apple smartphones dominate the premium segment. Neither Samsung nor Huawei, now ailing, are so convincing in the top price range. Another well-known Android manufacturer is slowly making its way to the new Apple competition.

Expensive smartphones: Android manufacturers don't stand a chance against Apple

For Apple fans it has recently become clear again: A new iPhone will be needed soon - after all, the 13 series was presented this week. With her, too, Apple should be able to convince with numbers again when the market researchers "billing" comes next year. This year, however, it is the predecessor that has won over customers.

In the second quarter of 2021, the iPhone 12 made a significant contribution to the fact that Apple is currently out of competition in the premium segment. More than half - 57 percent to be precise - of the smartphones sold worldwide above a price of 400 US dollars bear the Apple logo (source: Counterpoint Research). Here the market researchers set the limit to the premium area.

It looks even better for high-end devices beyond $ 800: According to market researchers, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are mainly responsible for Apple owning almost 75 percent of the market. Of course, this not only has the advantage of the prestigious victory: the margin, i.e. the profit for the manufacturer, is greater with high-priced devices. Apple earns a lot of its success.

Both markets grew overall year over year, as did Apple's share of that. Although leading Android manufacturers such as Samsung can improve the number of units they sell, their share in the premium segment is shrinking : Samsung falls from 22 percent to 17.

Apple's new opponents: Xiaomi and Oppo are growing in the premium segment

Despite the restrictions on Huawei, the China manufacturer is still so big in 2020 that it reached third place worldwide with 17 percent. Now there are only 6 percent left. This puts you up to speed with the growing competition: Xiaomi and Oppo are the only Android manufacturers that will get a bigger piece of the pie in the global premium segment in 2021 compared to the previous year.

Like its predecessor, the iPhone 13 Pro (Max) should dominate the premium segment of smartphones. You can see what it brings with it in the video :

This shows where Apple's real competition is now growing: Xiaomi has recently become the largest smartphone manufacturer. This is still mainly due to the success in the lower price ranges. But the development within a year shows: China cell phones must be expected in the top price range. This also applies to Oppo and the other brands of BBK Electronics.

Samsung, on the other hand, has to think about how exactly it should continue. The changes to the new flagship Galaxy S22 point in the wrong direction. Huawei has meanwhile lost practically all relevance outside of China.


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