Apple s new iPhone: just ridiculous for Samsung?

Apple s new iPhone: just ridiculous for Samsung?

Apple recently made its new smartphone flagship public, and pre-orders are in full swing. There was already malice from the competition during the performance. Samsung taunts the iPhone 13, but there are good reasons to hold back.

Samsung thinks it's funny: iPhone 13 Pro (Max) gets 120 Hz

Samsung has been offering a refresh rate of 120 Hz on its top smartphones "for a while" - that's a fact. It is also undisputed that one is proud of it and that the big competitor from California is happy to hold the technical lead in this regard - most recently during the launch of the iPhone 13.

The Samsung team states via Twitter: Samsung customers have been enjoying the big innovation in Apple's flagship for much longer:

One is also very astonished about the notch, which has shrunk but has not disappeared in the new iPhone generation: "Imagine still having a notch in 2021," says another tweet. Samsung sees itself superior.

It remains to be seen whether this is actually the case. But there was no way you could have been surprised. After all, the OLED panels that Apple installs in its new iPhones come from two sources: from LG and Samsung themselves. Neither their flexible refresh rate of 10 to 120 Hz nor the comparatively large cut-out for the front camera unit (notch) were previously unknown to Samsung .

Users agree: Apple's better late, but mature

As with previous examples, it becomes clear here: Samsung's strategy of having fun at Apple's expense does not really want to get caught. The reactions of Twitter users go in one direction, the tenor: Apple may not have been faster, but it is doing better than Samsung.

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max appear with ProMotion, Apple's version of the variable refresh rate up to 120 Hz. You can see what the top models can do in the video :

What is less popular with customers usually takes the other way: For example, when Apple decided to get rid of the 3.5 mm jack socket or to no longer include a charging cable with iPhones.

Both were trend-setting for the smartphone market and spilled over to other manufacturers, including Samsung. At least in the current case, the South Koreans won't be presenting anything similar to Apple's in a few months' time, Samsung phones actually already have 120 Hz.


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