Apple, Nintendo, PS5 accessories & more: 30% discount on warehouse deals on Amazon

Apple, Nintendo, PS5 accessories & more: 30% discount on warehouse deals on Amazon

As part of the September Deals, Amazon offers a 30 percent discount on warehouse items that have already been reduced. This is the return of the popular Prime Day offer, but only for a few days. In the Amazon warehouse you will find perfect returns and B-goods, which are resold at greatly reduced prices.

Amazon Warehouse: 30% extra discount on already reduced items

With the Amazon warehouse deals you can save all year round, but there will be an additional 30 percent discount on a number of products that have already been reduced until September 14th , 2021 . A dream for every saver and treasure hunter, because in particular products from Apple, Nintendo, Sony PS5 or other brands that are stable in price can be found there particularly cheaply. But note: The product quantities are almost always limited to a few quantities, so you should grab it quickly.

We have summarized further offers highlights at Amazon here:

This is how you get the 30 percent discount in the Amazon warehouse

If you are still unsure how it all works, we have put together a short guide to the Amazon Warehouse for you.

Calls up the Amazon warehouse discount page using the following link. Note: You will initially see the normal, reduced prices for warehouse deals there. That is not the final price : Only in the payment process do you get an extra 30 percent discount . Should you not be able to put the article into the shopping cart using the button on the right as usual, you have to click on "All offers" and select the product that is designated as "used" . The 30 percent discount is not yet deducted in the shopping cart itself, you first have to click on "Checkout" to see the final price. Don't worry: you're not buying the product at this stage. If you don't like the price, you can simply go back to the shopping cart and remove the item.

With Prime you can save even more on Amazon, but is membership worth it? The main advantages in the video:

Amazon warehouse: what exactly is it?

What are warehouse deals anyway? In this article we have summarized everything you need to know at a glance.

In short, the Amazon warehouse deals are returns or B-goods that are checked and then sold again - at a significantly lower price. Mostly these are products that are technically and visually perfect , but whose packaging has been opened or damaged at the retailer. The condition of the product is rated on a scale from "acceptable" to "like new".

From our own experience, we can recommend the deals that are marked as "Like new" or "Very good" . You should only buy the statuses "good" and "acceptable" if you have no problems with visible signs of use.

How to save even more on Amazon - even without Prime:


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