Apple event: the manufacturer hides a cool surprise here

Apple event: the manufacturer hides a cool surprise here

The long wait is over, Apple is finally making it official: The next Apple event and with it the presentation of the iPhone 13 will take place on September 14th. In advance, however, the Californians hide a cool surprise for their own fans. xiaomist tells you where to look for it.

As expected, there will be a live stream again for the upcoming Apple event, although "live" probably means again, due to the corona pandemic that has re-emerged in the USA, that Apple will only play a previously recorded video at 7 p.m. local time - it will be a real audience to not give. And right there, on Apple's event page, a cool surprise is hiding in advance for the fans (source: Apple).

Apple event: manufacturer hides AR game on side

If you call up the page with your iPhone or iPad and tap the Apple logo, Safari's AR viewer (AR Quick Look) opens. Afterwards we can place the Apple logo of the event anywhere in the room and "play around" with it. Alternatively, we can also view the logo gimmick in a neutral, white room as a pure 3D object. None of this makes much sense, but it is fun and once again impressively demonstrates the AR capabilities of Apple devices.

Meanwhile, Greg Joswiak, (Apple's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing) presents a somewhat heavily "polished" version of this feature on his Twitter account. Of course, he takes the opportunity to point out the Apple event again in this context, but does not reveal any more.

If xiaomist readers had the choice, the new iPhone would look like the video :

iPhone 13, Apple Watch 7 ... what can we expect?

As already mentioned, the presentation of the iPhone 13 (mini) and iPhone 13 Pro (Max) are considered safe in industry circles . The manufacturer should also show us the new Apple Watch 7, but we will have to wait a little longer for its availability. New AirPods and iPads would also not be completely ruled out. However, we would not expect the MacBook Pro 2021, it is beyond the scope and should be presented at another point in time in autumn.


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