Apple event in October 2021: date already predictable

Apple event in October 2021: date already predictable

It is already foreseeable that after the presentation of the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch 7 there will soon be another event in which MacBooks and iPads will be the focus. Now, for the first time, there are concrete indications for a corresponding date in October.

Update from 09/14/2021: When could Apple host the second, ominous fall event this year? MacRumors' colleagues provide a well thought-out forecast. The consideration: The end of the current back-to-school campaign is directly related to the presentation of new Macs and iPads, at least this was noticeable in the past (source: MacRumors).

In Europe, said promotion, during which qualified buyers receive the AirPods for free with Mac and iPad purchases, ends on October 11th. Ergo: The following Tuesday, October 12th, would be an ideal and therefore predictable date suggestion.

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For the Apple event on Tuesday, iPhone 13, Apple Watch 7 and AirPods 3 are considered pretty safe. But there won't be much more, because Apple insider and Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman clearly rejects new MacBooks and iPads. In a recent tweet , the industry expert refers to a second, later event . Only then will we be presented with the Mac and iPad innovations (source: Mark Gurman).

MacBooks and iPads at the second Apple event

Gurman's statement coincides with our prediction, we at xiaomist also expect at least one further event this year . The question remains when this second event will be organized by Apple. In September or rather in October or even November? If we had to bet, October would be worth a tip.

We can then calculate with the new MacBook Pro 2021 (14 and 16 inches). The even faster and more powerful Apple M1X chip is likely to work in the redesigned Apple notebook. Popular connections like HDMI, MagSafe and an SD card reader should celebrate a comeback.

Laptop, notebook? In the video you can find out what the difference is:

What is not likely to come this year?

A new, inexpensive iPad (9th generation) and a really new iPad mini - the current iPad Air with a smaller display, so to speak - are also considered to be quite safe. On the other hand, we would not expect a new iPad Pro - it was only available this year. New products from the Mac mini, iMac, MacBook Air and Mac Pro categories would also be pretty unsure. There won't be any new additions to be announced until 2022.

Will Gurman's prediction really be true in the end? We can all convince ourselves of this with the livestream of the Apple event - which starts on September 14th at 7 p.m. xiaomist is watching and will report on the evening's novelties at the same time.


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