Android Smartwatch: Developer creates what Google fails

Android Smartwatch: Developer creates what Google fails

With Wear OS 3.0 and the collaboration between Google and Samsung, Android smartphones should actually get a lot better. Currently, however, exactly the opposite is the case. Wear OS 2.0 was dropped faster than a hot potato by Google and app developers. A developer does not accept this decision and takes action himself.

Sometimes you don't understand Google's approach. Wear OS 3.0 is here, but it's only available on Samsung's Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Updates from Wear OS 2.0 to 3.0 will not be available for a very few smartwatches until mid or late 2022 . New Android smartwatches that do not come from Samsung, for example from Fossil, are still being brought onto the market with Wear OS 2.0, since Google Wear OS 3.0 is probably only available from Samsung. At the same time, however, Google and app developers are jumping off the old software.

Developer brings YouTube Music to Wear OS 2.0

The developer Alexandru Pop did not want to accept this and is now taking action himself. Google has removed its own music app for Wear OS 2.0 and somehow fails to publish YouTube Music for the older operating system. But that's exactly what Pop has now done (source: XDA). With a lot of work, he brought the music app, which is actually only available for Wear OS 3.0, to Wear OS 2.0 .

Basically everyone can now take action themselves and follow the instructions to bring YouTube Music to older Android watches. However, this step is not recommended because you use a modified app to access a Google payment service. This violates the terms of use and your own account could be blocked.

The only Wear OS 3.0 watches from Samsung so far in the video :

Google should simply continue to support Wear OS 2.0

If Google doesn't manage to immediately provide the update to Wear OS 3.0 for current watches, in our opinion they should continue to provide the apps. Strava has already dropped Wear OS 2.0 and Telegram has completely abandoned the smartwatch platform. Is that how Google really imagined it? We strongly doubt it.


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