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Android 12: This date has to be remembered by smartphone users

Android 12: This date has to be remembered by smartphone users

When will Android 12 be released? A well-known journalist is now shedding light on the darkness. Smartphone users no longer have to be patient for too long, it should be ready in just a few weeks.

Android 12 is one of the biggest updates in recent years. Google has left no stone unturned and has fundamentally revised the mobile operating system for smartphones and tablets. After an extensive beta phase, it now seems that the date on which Google will release the final version of Android 12 has been set.

Android 12: Final version should be released on October 4th

That should happen on October 4th , according to XDA editor-in-chief Mishaal Rahman, who relies on an internal Google document for his prediction. On this day, the publication of the AOSP (Android Open Source Program) should be due, it is said. In recent years, the latest Android version has always been distributed to Pixel users on the day of the AOSP release.

So anyone using a Google phone will get the latest version of Android first. Owners of Android smartphones from other manufacturers , such as Xiaomi or Samsung, however, still have to be patient . Samsung recently had problems with the first Android 12 beta, which had to be postponed. It remains to be seen whether the delay in the beta test will also affect the final release of Android 12 for Samsung smartphones.

The new features of Android 12 in the video :

Android 12: a fresh look and new functions

With Android 12, Google is mainly introducing a new look, called "Material You." The new look should adapt to the name of the user and, for example, automatically determine the accent colors of the operating system based on the selected screen background. There are also improvements in privacy and data protection, the notification bar has been revised and long-awaited features such as a one-hand mode are also moving into Android 12.

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