Android 12: Google is taking over popular Apple function and making it better

Android 12: Google is taking over popular Apple function and making it better

Android 12 will appear in the final version for smartphones in the coming weeks. Many functions of the new Google operating system are already known, but one comes as a surprise now. Google wants to take over Handoff from Apple and even expand the feature.

Android 12: Google mirrors smartphone on Chromebook

Google would like to take the collaboration between its Android smartphones and Chromebooks to a new level. It has now been announced that Android devices will be given a function called "Push". The basic idea is known from Apple and Handoff. There you can simply start a task on the iPhone and continue it on the iPad or Mac. Extremely practical, just relatively limited. Google goes much further with Android 12 and the Chromebooks .

With push, the content of the smartphone is played on the Chromebook. To do this, you have to be in the same network and of course agree to access. Once this has happened, according to 9to5Google, the smartphone can be operated via the Chromebook. Just like with a stream, all content is mirrored there. You will then not work on the Chromebook, but effectively on your smartphone.

But there are still many unanswered questions. For example, whether you can also pull files from the smartphone in order to edit them on the Chromebook, which in turn are then transferred back to the smartphone. Since you are not working in the cloud here, where the files are synchronized, this is an important point. You also have to see how smoothly it all works. Since it runs over a local network, the bandwidth should actually be sufficient.

We show you in the video what changes with Android 12:

Android 12 is coming soon

Google has not yet officially revealed when Android 12 will be released. The evidence strongly suggests that the final release for Pixel smartphones will take place on October 4th. So Google doesn't have much time to get the operating system ready. Then at the latest it will become clear whether the "push" function is directly integrated and how well it works.


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