Android 12 gets a new feature: Searching on the phone is even easier

Android 12 gets a new feature: Searching on the phone is even easier

The final release of Android 12 is due in a few weeks. With the fifth beta version of the new operating system, Google has now fully activated a feature that many mobile phone users have longed for. Searching on the smartphone becomes child's play.

The search function is one of the most important features of modern smartphones - after all, none of us can keep track of all the apps, contacts or the countless settings on the phone. With Android 12, Google has once again improved the smartphone's integrated search function (source: Android Police).

Android 12 has a new search function

There is now a revised search field within the app drawer. From there, users can type in their search query and search the smartphone. Current contacts, settings, shortcuts and tips are searched. Convenient: The search results appear immediately after typing in the first letters. So users don't have to type in all of the search terms to get results. And: If desired, it can be set so that the keyboard is displayed immediately after opening the app drawer .

If you can't find what you're looking for, you can also initiate a Google search there. To protect privacy, the user can also individually regulate which areas of the smartphone can be searched in this search and which cannot. All four sub-areas can be excluded from the search with a slider (see photo above).

According to Android Police, however, the new feature does not offer a complete device search including access to the file system, as is possible on macOS or Windows.

In the video we show further innovations from Android 12:

How are Android manufacturers implementing the new search function?

Since many Android smartphones are equipped with their own user interface by their manufacturers, it is not yet clear how and in what form the new search function of Android 12 will be found in Samsung's One UI or Xiaomi's MIUI . Some Android skins already offer similar functions. We will only get an answer to this question when Samsung, Xiaomi and Co. roll out their updates to Android 12.


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