Amazon undercuts Xiaomi: Brand new Android smartphone already cheaper

Amazon undercuts Xiaomi: Brand new Android smartphone already cheaper

With the 11T Pro, Xiaomi has presented a new high-end smartphone at an attractive price. In Germany the prices are slightly higher than in other EU countries. Amazon doesn't seem to go along with this and is at least offering the top model at the normal EU price.

Xiaomi 11T Pro 50 euros cheaper on Amazon

The Chinese manufacturer is once again playing games with German customers. We can pay more for new products than people in other EU countries. In other EU countries, the Xiaomi 11T Pro with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage costs 599.90 euros, while in Germany we should simply pay 50 euros more for the same memory configuration at 649.90 euros . Amazon doesn't feel like doing this and is simply offering the smartphone cheaper in Germany:

Xiaomi 11T Pro with 128 GB for 599 euros instead of 649.90 euros on Amazon

This is not a special promotion, because then Xiaomi would also sell the cell phone at a lower price. But if you look in Xiaomi's Mi Shop, the same smartphone is offered there at a higher price. And other retailers also list the normal RRP at 649.90 euros.

If you don't want the Xiaomi 11T Pro, but the normal Xiaomi 11T, you can also buy it from Amazon. The better model with 256 GB of internal storage is sold there for only 549 euros (check it out on Amazon). Xiaomi normally charges 599.90 euros for this. Here, too, you can easily save 50 euros.

All functions of the Xiaomi 11T Pro presented in the video :

Xiaomi Pad 5 is also more expensive in Germany

The higher prices for German customers apply not only to the Xiaomi 11T Pro and Xiaomi 11T, but also to the Xiaomi Pad 5. Yesterday, the price of 349 euros was celebrated during the event. Unfortunately we have to pay a lot more in Germany at 399 euros . It's actually a shame that Xiaomi puts us at a disadvantage. If you have a credit card, you should look around in other EU countries where the devices are sold cheaper.


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