Amazon: Fast microSD memory card for smartphone & Nintendo Switch greatly reduced

Amazon: Fast microSD memory card for smartphone & Nintendo Switch greatly reduced

You can almost always use a microSD card for your smartphone, tablet, console or other device, so you shouldn't miss the current September offer on Amazon. You get the fast SanDisk Extreme with up to 400 GB at a very affordable price.

SanDisk Extreme microSD card with adapter cheap at Amazon

Regardless of whether it is music, videos or downloads on the smartphone, the Nintendo Switch or the tablet - such files quickly occupy the majority of the available storage space on the internal storage. A microSD memory card can help here. If you are currently looking for a bargain, you can currently find it among the September offers on Amazon. The SanDisk Extreme microSD memory card with up to 512 GB is currently available at a significantly reduced price and offers enough space to store files that fill memory. The practical adapter for use in conventional SD card slots is also included.

32 GB for 8.77 euros (instead of 14.99 euros RRP) 64 GB for 10.99 euros (instead of 21.99 euros RRP) 128 GB for 16.99 euros (instead of 40.99 euros RRP) 256 GB for 37. 99 euros (instead of 118.99 euros RRP) 400 GB for 58.99 euros (instead of 200.99 euros RRP) 512 GB for 74.90 euros (instead of 250 euros RRP)

SanDisk Extreme microSD: The most important properties at a glance:

Read speed: Up to 160 MB / s Write speed: Up to 90 MB / s UHS Speed ​​Class: 3 VHS Speed ​​Class: 30 Performance class: A2

If you only understand the train station here, take a look at our SD card FAQ . Of course, there are microSD cards with 128 GB that are even cheaper, such as the SanDisk Ultra. However, this is significantly slower than the Extreme, so the surcharge for the Extreme is definitely worth it - especially if it is currently on offer.

For comparison: SanDisk Ultra with 128 GB

Memory size: 128 GB Reading speed: Up to 100 MB / s UHS Speed ​​Class: 1 VHS Speed ​​Class: 10 Performance class: A1

SanDisk Extreme 128GB microSD card: who is it worth buying for?

For everyone who needs more storage space on their mobile phone, tablet, camera or console. 128 GB currently also offers a very good price-performance ratio. If you want more, you have to dig much deeper into your pocket. Nowadays, less is probably not enough for most, because: Better a little too much memory than too little.

In addition to size, speed is the most important criterion for a microSD card. Here the SanDisk Extreme is more than sufficient for most applications. 4K videos are transmitted quickly, and performance class A2 also ensures excellent app performance. Even better values ​​are actually only required from 512 GB - and then it gets really expensive:

Since SanDisk is a well-known manufacturer, you can fall back on a manufacturer's guarantee of up to 10 years in the event of a defect. Many low-cost providers like to save in this area.


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