Also at Apple: Why buyers will have to pay more soon

Also at Apple: Why buyers will have to pay more soon

Difficult and ultimately also expensive times are ahead of us, Apple too could soon increase the prices of iPhone, iPad and Mac significantly. But why does the manufacturer feel compelled to do so and what should customers do?

Apple's main supplier of chips (TSMC) is currently in the process of raising prices . This also means that the iPhone manufacturer will then have to pay more and could pass the rising costs on to its customers without further ado (source: Nikkei Asia). Higher prices would therefore be inevitable, regardless of whether for iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Apple's chip supplier is raising prices

The reason for this development is the well-known global shortage of the chip supply. According to insider sources, these are said to be the biggest price increases for chips in a decade. According to Nikkei Asia, they should also "noticeably" increase the sales prices of devices such as smartphones and computers. There is speculation about corresponding price adjustments in the high-end sector in the next year. In this way, stronger effects on mid-range and entry-level devices are to be compensated for. Most recently, however, it was announced that Apple would raise prices for the iPhone 13. Either way, we are not used to bargain prices from Apple, nor should one hope for them.

Has no price - if xiaomist readers were allowed to want an iPhone from Apple, it would look like the video:

What to do now

But what should customers do in this situation? If you don't have to rely on new equipment, you 'd better wait and see the matter out first . Whether prices could continue to rise or fall again has not yet been conclusively clarified. Industry experts see two possible developments:

Prices remain high because customers are ultimately pushing for smaller chip production and thus more advanced production processes - that costs. Prices will fall again , as demand will initially fall again, but the chip manufacturers want to maintain their capacity utilization. Accordingly, prices have to be corrected below in order to provide an incentive.

What actually happens cannot really be guaranteed. Therefore, if you can wait, you should do so. If you still need a new iPhone or MacBook, buying older devices with greater availability in stores could be an option . Prices here are likely to rise recently.


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