Aldi Talk: Activate 3 GB data volume free of charge via the app

Aldi Talk: Activate 3 GB data volume free of charge via the app

Anyone who already uses Aldi Talk or is planning to take out the prepaid tariff can now activate additional data volume via the app. The included data volume is even doubled with a tariff.

Aldi Talk: 3 GB additional data volume free of charge

Update from 09/22/2021: It starts today. Get the free data volume for Aldi Talk via the app.

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Aldi Talk is starting an interesting campaign on September 22nd, but it can only be activated via the Aldi Talk app. From this date until November 22, 2021, customers can unlock 3 GB of free data volume via the app . This applies to all combination and music packages (source: Teltarif). Pure data tariffs are probably excluded.

For example, if you use the "Package S" combination package with 3 GB of LTE data volume, Allnet and SMS flat-rate, you can activate an additional 3 GB of data volume via the Aldi-Talk app. So you get a total of 6 GB for the billing period of four weeks . First the additional data volume is used, then later the data volume that is actually available in the tariff. Applies to both existing and new customers.

Since the activation of the additional data volume only works via the app , it must already be installed or still be installed. It is available for download free of charge for Android and iOS:

In the video we tell you what you need to know about Aldi:

Aldi Talk: If you are lucky, you can book two times

If you're lucky, you can book the 3 GB free LTE data volume twice. For example, if the billing period of the prepaid package is October 15th, you can book the bonus credit directly on September 22nd and use it until October 15th and then again on October 16th before the end of the promotion on October 22nd Dust off the additional 3 GB LTE data volume for Aldi Talk and use it up by November 15th.

So if you have Aldi Talk and need a little more data volume, you should definitely install the app and try to access the additional LTE data volume .


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