AirPods Pro much cheaper: Break through the price limit for Apple s headphones

AirPods Pro much cheaper: Break through the price limit for Apple s headphones

The AirPods Pro from Apple are now even cheaper than before, because Amazon is well below the previous price limit. Anyone who buys directly from Apple now, which is almost 100 euros more expensive, must be crazy.

Update from 09/27/2021: We have to wait even longer for the successor to the AirPods Pro, so it's even more worth taking a look at the current model. This is currently even cheaper at Amazon than before. We only have to pay 188 euros for it - shipping costs included.

This means that Amazon has achieved a price of less than 190 euros for a long time. But also in the general price comparison, the retailer virtually secures the top position.

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Apple's AirPods Pro: Cheaper for Black Friday with voucher code

When buying the new Apple AirPods Pro, you can soon save a whole 25.25 euros. The offer is valid from November 29th to December 2nd, 2019 in the Conrad online shop . The new AirPods Pro then only cost 253.75 euros . Important: To get the discount, the following voucher code must be entered when ordering: BLACKWEEK19 .

This would also be the best rate at the moment, as a look at the price comparison at Idealo reveals. At the moment, almost every retailer still sells at Apple's official price recommendation - 279 euros. Due to the scarce availability, Apple's AirPods Pro has not yet started to fall in price. Availability beats price, as demonstrated recently by Amazon.

However, as already mentioned above, this situation will probably change by this year's Black Friday at the latest. On the biggest shopping day of the year, retailers lure with great deals. Some - like Conrad - even extend the campaign to the entire weekend.

Apple AirPods Pro: is it worth buying?

Technically, the new AirPods Pro are convincing, because the first tests certify the earphones with a very good result. If you are looking for true wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation, you cannot get past the AirPods Pro at the moment. In contrast to the "normal" AirPods of the second generation, the Pro version also offers comprehensive protection against sweat and water.

The AirPods Pro in a xiaomist comparison:

In short: it doesn't get any better (currently). Ergo: The purchase is generally worthwhile for audiophile contemporaries who do not want to bother with heavy headphones. If, on the other hand, you can do without noise suppression and better protection, the cheaper AirPods 2 are more worthwhile - with or without a wireless charging case. Here the prices start at just over 140 euros in the market.


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