AirPods 3: Popular technology at Apple in the future at no extra charge

AirPods 3: Popular technology at Apple in the future at no extra charge

The chances are very good for a presentation of the AirPods 3 at the same time as the iPhone 13. The latest rumors also promise a significant upgrade for the new Apple headphones, because a popular technology will be available in the future at no extra charge - from now on, charging will only be wireless.

Shortly before the Apple event on September 14th, the rumor mill will be replenished again. We are currently learning: The third generation AirPods are finally being presented after they were hoped for in the spring. But the predictions don't end there, because according to a current message, the AirPods 3 should only be charged wirelessly (source: @PineLeaks).

AirPods 3 only wireless

So far, customers have had the choice, the cheapest model has to be charged by cable, but there is a model with a wireless charging option for an extra charge. However, Apple's specific asking price remains unclear. Will it also be cheaper or will you just delete the cheapest model variant? We have to wait until Tuesday for the resolution.

Thanks to the future update to iOS 15, the AirPods will soon receive new functions, as you can see in the video :

In any case, the battery in the charging case is getting bigger , a growth of around 20 percent is mentioned. The batteries in the actual earphones, on the other hand, should roughly correspond to the AirPods Pro. We are not surprised, the AirPods 3 will come closer to the Pro models in terms of design. However, there is no active noise cancellation (ANC), there must still be differences to the expensive headphones.

What else is Apple planning for Tuesday?

At least three new Apple devices are more or less secure for the Apple event: the new iPhone 13, the Apple Watch 7 and now the AirPods 3 . Actually enough for one evening, Apple also has new iPads and MacBooks in the backhand. But whether this is also being presented now? We are and will remain rather skeptical.


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