After criticism: WhatsApp ensures more security

After criticism: WhatsApp ensures more security

The makers of the messenger WhatsApp are working on a new feature that can provide more security. If necessary, users can report problematic messages directly to WhatsApp. There had been criticism of the existing reporting system.

WhatsApp: report messages directly

Messenger WhatsApp has long offered a function that users can use to report problematic messages directly to Facebook. Now they want to revise and expand the feature, as new reports suggest. The privacy is to be better protected after criticism rained here in the past.

Earlier this month, a report from ProPublica raised concerns about the WhatsApp content verification system. It alleged that the Facebook messaging app was undermining the privacy of its users .

While Facebook denies the allegations and instead emphasizes how important the system is to "prevent the worst abuse on the Internet ", WhatsApp has now added the ability to report a specific message in the latest beta version ( These can be reported from private chats or in group chats (source: WABetaInfo).

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WhatsApp: report messages instead of contacts

WhatsApp's current reporting system only allows users to report one contact themselves. As soon as someone is reported, the five most recent messages are forwarded to the WhatsApp moderation team. Facebook says this is being done to help the moderators better understand the context. Then it will be decided whether the person should be banned or not.

Users of the latest beta version will now see a new "Report" button when a message is selected. In addition to Android, the function is now also available in the latest iOS beta.


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