After the Apple Watch 7: Two more smartwatches are planned

After the Apple Watch 7: Two more smartwatches are planned

After the presentation of the Apple Watch 7, Apple is far from finished, because two more smartwatch models are currently being planned. Bargain hunters in particular will be very happy about a variant, and another model promises to be particularly tough.

A current report from Bloomberg initially confirms the larger screens of the upcoming Apple Watch 7, which have already become public, but also reveals something about Apple's further plans for its own smartwatch portfolio. According to the information, the iPhone manufacturer is not only developing a new Apple Watch SE, but also an additional, much more robust model (source: Bloomberg).

2021 Apple Watch 7, 2022 new Apple Watch SE and "outdoor version"

Unfortunately, the Bloomberg experts do not go into detail. After all, we learn that the new Apple Watch SE, like the current model, is aimed at a price-conscious audience and that the new "outdoor version" has its eye on extreme athletes . Both variants could be presented next year alongside the traditional flagship update. Ergo: Actually, not just two, but three new Smartwatches from Apple await us in 2022 - an Apple Watch Series 8, a new Apple Watch SE and an as yet unspecified model for athletes.

Apple is thus promoting the diversification of the model range and hopes that it will ultimately reach even more customers. This should succeed, the manufacturer has also been offering different models of the iPhone at the same time for years and thus covers a wide range of prices and services.

Interesting, with these watch faces shown in the video , the Apple Watch was launched 6 years ago:

More details about the watch faces of the Apple Watch 7

But this is still a dream of the future, the extended information on the presumed new watch faces of the Apple Watch Series 7 is already more tangible - four of them are described in more detail by the reporters from Bloomberg:

Modular Max: Similar to the "Infograph Modular" dial, but can display more than one major complication. Continuum: An outer dial shows all 24 time zones, while an inner dial shows the time at each location. According to Bloomberg, this is similar to the dials known from luxury watch manufacturers such as Patek Philippe and Co. Hermès: Anyone who opts for an expensive Hermès model gets a new dial with numbers that change every hour. Nike: If you choose the Nike sports model, you will receive a dial with numbers that change depending on the person's movement.

In short: Aside from the new, flat-edged hardware design, the Apple Watch 7 will also attract visitors with its slightly larger displays with fresh shapes. All that remains for Apple to do now is to eliminate the production problems that have only recently become known and to get on with it.


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