According to eBay classifieds: Well-known furniture store plans to change its name

According to eBay classifieds: Well-known furniture store plans to change its name

With eBay classifieds it is due to the takeover by a new owner. However, there is another reason behind the fact that in Germany the Danish bed warehouse is becoming Jysk across the board. The furniture store is reinventing itself.

There can be many reasons why a company changes its name: a change of image, external pressure, legal disputes, takeovers, a breath of fresh air, new campaigns - the list goes on and on.

Danes no longer want to be a bed dormitory: Jysk is moving into Germany

In the case of the Danish bed warehouse, it is the unit: In all markets around the world, the Danes have long been called Jysk, Germany as the oldest market outside Denmark is the last exception. In September one now wants to provide clarity. The renaming is intended to create synergies, and the old name in Germany does not correspond to the wider range (source: Welt). As mentioned above, the aim is to take away the somewhat outdated warehouse character of the furniture stores .

Experience from other locations has shown that this plan should work. In Europe, Jysk is the third largest furniture retailer and wants to continue growing. The "rebranding" should be completed in September, during which some branches will be renewed at the same time.

eBay, Google and Co .: The new name helps many companies to become successful

EBay Classifieds recently announced that the online marketplace for private sellers will no longer exist under this name. Last year the company was taken over by the Norwegian supplier Adevinta. The naming rights are only held until 2024. It is not yet known under which brand eBay classifieds will continue.

Your products on eBay don't really want to take off? What you should pay attention to when selling, you can see in the video :

As mentioned above, there can be many reasons for companies to get a new name - in technical terminology this is referred to as a change of name - and such name changes are not that rare.

Many giant global corporations are no longer known by the name with which they were founded back then, including such well-known names as Google or eBay. If you want to know more about it, here is our overview of the tech companies that have really started off with a new name.


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