Xiaomi has unveiled its new 100-watt wireless charging base for less than $ 100

Xiaomi has officially launched a new wireless charging cradle. The 100-watt model is almost identical to the current 80-watt model . The 80-watt model dates back to last year and has been around for some time, although its design is slightly different from the 100-watt model.

The newer design of the Xiaomi Wireless Charging Base comes with a 100-watt unit. This design allows you to mount a device vertically or horizontally, and the only real physical difference is that the newer 100-watt model MDY-13-EL is available in black-gold, while the older model is 80 watts. MDY-13-ED is available in white with silver bezels.

The two seem to be quite similar internally, as the new model is still based on Qi standard charging technology and still has a dual-coil design and a dynamic fan that only works when needed. Even this base comes with the same Xiaomi 120 watt charger and USB 6A cable in the box. In terms of features, the newer model has an overcurrent protection layer, while maintaining overcurrent, overvoltage, electrostatic and electrostatic protection and detection of foreign objects from the previous model.

The model will go on sale in China starting August 16 at 10 a.m. for yuan, or about $ 92, and no international availability date is yet available.

The main question here is why Xiaomi is bothering to design and launch a 100-watt Qi wireless charger, when the fastest cordless handsets on the market right now are the Mi 11 Ultra and the Mi 11 Pro with 67W wireless charging. , Followed by devices like the new 50W with a 50W charge, both of which are well covered by the existing 80-watt unit, which is priced lower at 499 yuan, or about $ 77.

Xiaomi unveils its new 100-watt wireless charging base for less than $ 100 for the first time at the Xiaomist.Com . appeared.


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