This Xiaomi charger will help you take care of your mobile battery and extend its useful life

Xiaomi has become the smartphone manufacturer that is most committed to fast charging systems . Thanks to this, we can charge our mobile in record time, although with certain drawbacks.

As many of you know, abusing fast charging can end up reducing battery life , especially due to the heat generated by these charging systems. Unfortunately, MIUI does not offer us the possibility of reducing or limiting the charging power , although we can do so using the appropriate charger and cable.

This Xiaomi charger will extend the life of your mobile battery

If for example we have the POCO X3 NFC , its fast charge using its own charger will go up to 33W . This can be extremely useful when we only have a few minutes to charge the device, but especially harmful if night after night we charge the POCO X3 NFC at its maximum power .

It is there where the wide catalog of chargers that Xiaomi has become the protagonists. For example, to charge the POCO X3 NFC or the Redmi Note 10 Pro (both with 33W fast charging) we can use this 10W power Xiaomi charger , managing to charge the entire battery, but without having "stressed" it. maximum power .

Este cargador de Xiaomi te ayudará a prolongar la vida útil de la batería de tu móvil. Noticias Xiaomi A

Likewise, if we have a more powerful fast-charging smartphone, for example the Xiaomi Mi 11 , we can use this 27W Xiaomi charger . In this way, we will never be making use of its maximum power, in this case of 55W.

In summary, if we want to extend the useful life of the battery of our Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO, the best thing is to use the fast charge charger for specific moments throughout the day. On the other hand, to charge it overnight it is much more ideal to use a charger with less power.

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