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This application will allow you to unlock all MIUI functions on your Xiaomi

"Able to offer a multitude of options and functionalities", this is how MIUI is defined, a very complete customization layer, but with certain limitations depending on the mobile device , whether it is a Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO, in which it is installed .

As many of you know, Xiaomi usually limits or restricts MIUI functionalities in relation to the device it is on . And no, we are not only talking about whether it is a mid-range or high-end terminal, but also about the hardware characteristics of these and even the particular ROM that they have installed.

Features such as " clean speaker " are only available on certain devices. The same happens with the reading mode or even the IA HDR Enhancement mode , functionalities only intended for those who have an AMOLED screen and also a hardware with a certain level of performance.

Unlock all MIUI functions no matter what Xiaomi you have

In order that your Xiaomi, regardless of the model , can enjoy all the MIUI functionalities, the XIAOMIUI team has developed an interesting application that quickly and easily allows us to unlock all kinds of functionalities .

Esta aplicación te permitirá desbloquear todas las funciones de MIUI en tu Xiaomi. Noticias Xiaomi A

It is MIUI Hidden Libs and through it we can unlock all kinds of functionalities such as balance and performance modes , optimized load and much more .

That if, at the moment the application is in full development and many of the present functionalities do not finish working at all. Still, many others are functional and the development team is committed to continuing to work . To install it and start unlocking all the MIUI functionalities, we will only have to perform the following steps:

  1. Download the MIUI Hidden Libs application and install it as if it were any other application.
  2. Access those options that you want to activate so that the MIUI menu is loaded.

As we said, some functionalities are not available and also their behavior will depend on the ROM, Global or European, that we have installed. Even so, these others will allow us to activate this function in any Xiaomi:

  • AI HDR Enchantment : Activate the AI ​​HDR enhancement.
  • AI Image Enchantment : AI image enhancement (identifies objects to dynamically adjust display effects).
  • SYSTEM_DASHBOARD_AOSP : Direct settings of the Android system.
  • PRIVACY_AOSP : Android privacy settings.
  • MIUI_PERFORMANCEMODE : Balance and performance mode
  • AOSP_DND : Hidden settings for notifications in do not disturb mode.
  • Color Correction : Hidden screen color correction settings.
  • AOS_NIGHTLIGHT : Android night light mode.
  • Multiple User : Management and creation of local users.
  • PAPER_ADJUST_V2 : Read mode settings.
  • Battery Info : Detailed battery information.
  • CERTIFICATE_MONITOR : Settings related to the certification of the display panel.
  • DISPLAY_SIZE : Screen Zoom settings.
  • AOSP_NOTIFICACION_DASHBOARD : Android notification settings.
  • Vision Settings_SEUOT_WIZARD : Vision Settings .
  • Clear Speaker : "Clean speaker" function.
  • MIUI_AGGREATE_NOTIF : Grouping of notifications.
  • Backup : Backup settings.
  • Usage Stats : Android usage statistics.
  • Anti-Flicker Mode : Anti-flicker mode.
  • AOSP Search : Android options search engine.

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