The Xiaomi Mix 4 is a phone for a full-screen experience, not a selfie

Xiaomi introduced the Mix 4 smartphone last week, which is the company's first device with a camera under the screen. Xiaomi calls this camera CUP (Camera under the panel) and has designed it to offer a full screen experience along with selfie quality.

The message was later confirmed by William Lu, Xiaomi's senior vice president, on his Weibo page.

Lou advised people to take a punch hole in the front of the front camera if they wanted to take the best possible selfies.

He also said that if they want the screen on the camera to be very high quality, it is better to have a hole in the screen for the camera. Xiaomi CEO has assured that they are doing their best now and the under-camera camera technology is advancing rapidly.

"The goal is to provide a larger screen for content, and now that we have the basics, we're evolving it into a standard in a few years, just like evolving from thin margins to wide fringes," he says. Shape drops.

Xiaomi Mix 4 is a phone to have a full screen experience, not a selfie for the first time in Xiaomist.Com . appeared.


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