Telekom surprises: 2G network still "valuable and necessary service"

Telekom surprises: 2G network still

2G is the basic mobile communications standard in Germany, which could be used to make calls by mobile phone even before the turn of the millennium. The network operators still cover large parts of the country. But according to the head of technology at Telekom, it won't last forever.

Telekom: 2G would have to give way to 5G

The good old GSM network is not yet given an expiry date, but the network standard from the 1990s is gradually being counted: "Frequencies are a rare commodity. And we would like to use the frequencies for 4G and 5G, especially for 5G, " says Walter Goldenits, chief technology officer at Telekom (source: Telekom).

The CTO recently introduced himself to customers on the Internet in a question-and-answer video. He made it clear that 2G is currently "an important service for providing voice to the population" . The nationwide basic service for telephoning via mobile radio has been running on the radio network, also known under the abbreviation GSM, since the 1990s.

Certain frequency ranges are available for this: In Germany, frequency bands around 900 MHz and around 1.8 GHz are used. This also means that these radio frequencies cannot be used for any other purpose . In the long term, however, Telekom would like to have them in order to expand the modern network standards 4G and, above all, 5G.

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2G remains: Obsolete, but valuable

However, they do not want to replace the 2G network just yet , because many German users would still dial in with older cell phones that can practically only make calls and send SMS. Many older models that rely on 2G continue to be able to access the German network via roaming.

Goldenit's conclusion on 2G: "That means that this has been a very valuable and necessary service for some time to come. But the future is clearly our 5G network, with 4G in addition. Because that's where the mail goes. "Just recently, Telekom, like other German mobile phone providers, discontinued the 3G service - also with the aim of freeing up additional frequencies, primarily for 5G.


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