Smart Charging, one of the latest MIUI news that you will want to have in your Xiaomi

In addition to having a new anti-theft system, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 hides other novelties in its software. Among them we find Smart Charging , a new fully intelligent charging system, capable of extending the useful life of the battery.

Adapting to our charging habits, Smart Charging is able to adjust the charging speed intelligently , according to our daily activity, that is, depending on the time we wake up each day and in relation to when we need to have the fully charged battery.

Smart Charging, this is how your smart charging system works

In itself, Smart Charging is capable of learning from our daily habits , recording the time we usually go to bed. In addition, it also takes into account our hours of sleep and especially the most common time to wake up.

Smart Charging, una de las últimas novedades de MIUI que querrás tener en tu móvil. Noticias Xiaomi A
Smart Charging, for now exclusive to the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4

In this way, Smart Charging is able to adjust its charging speed of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 at night, making sure that when we wake up it is fully charged and with a battery level of 100%. In this way, it is possible to "stress" the battery as little as possible, thereby prolonging its useful life and minimizing its degradation .

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As we said, at the moment this functionality is only present in the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 although it is very likely that we will soon end up seeing it in other devices of the company , especially among those that have a higher power fast charge.

The Smart Charging entry , one of the latest MIUI news that you want to have on your Xiaomi, was first published on xiaomist: Xiaomi news and news website .


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