New rumors about the Xiaomi Mi 12 and its launch before the end of the year resurface

Again, the Xiaomi Mi 12 once again becomes the protagonist of the latest rumors that come to us from China. And beware, this time everything indicates that its launch will take place in the coming months, before the end of 2021 .

In detail, the Xiaomi Mi 12 has reappeared in a large part of the media from China, ensuring that it will probably be launched in mid-December and therefore, it will become the first smartphone to equip the next range processor. Qualcomm's high-end , the Snapdragon 898.

Xiaomi Mi 12, possible features

Although, it is still too early to know the characteristics of the new Xiaomi Mi 12, rumors are gathering force around an LTPO screen capable of adjusting dynamically and practically instantaneously to frequencies between 1 and 120Hz . In this way, it would be possible to save a large amount of energy and therefore extend the autonomy of the Mi 12.

Resurgen nuevos rumores en torno al Xiaomi Mi 12 y su lanzamiento antes de final de año. Noticias Xiaomi A
Unofficial render of the Xiaomi Mi 12

In addition, everything indicates that the Xiaomi Mi 12 will bring with it a fast charging by cable of 120W and a wireless charging of 100W . The latter would be quite logical to expect, especially now that Xiaomi has launched the Mi 100W Wireless Charging Stand .

In short, the arrival of the Xiaomi Mi 12 seems to be ahead, at least in China . In addition, if it was launched throughout the month of December, it would not be surprising that MIUI 13 did the same, becoming the new and long-awaited version of the famous Xiaomi customization layer.

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