Give your Xiaomi a different touch with these original themes

Did you think that we would leave another Saturday without our section of recommended topics? Although, last time we brought you the three most downloaded themes of the moment , now this time, we collect five really interesting new themes with which to give a different and original touch to your Xiaomi device.

Of course, the usual reminder could not be missed. Of course, it is likely that some of these issues require a change of region to be applied correctly . Don't worry, as always, at the end of the article we will explain how it is done. Are you ready? Here we bring you our recommendations of the week.

1. HELLO 1 | Download

We open the list with HELLO 1 , a theme compatible with mobiles running MIUI 12, with a crystal clear background, with amazing animations and multiple customization options for the lock screen . Besides giving you a subtle and modern look , the theme can be installed on any Redmi or Xiaomi device.

Tema original HELLO 1

Widgets, texts and the control center get a more stylized design. Similarly, HELLO 1 changes its appearance when the device is in dark mode . It is, in fact, an unusual theme that will make your terminal stand out.

2. Purify | Download

Tema original Purify

Speaking of sleek and modern themes, Purify is another great option for those who love minimal themes . Its lock screen is straightforward, the background is not at all eccentric, and the widgets it displays are practical and simple.

Purify's predominant color closely resembles steel, or lead. A kind of metal that gives a solid and imposing character to the subject . If you are interested, you can download it on any Redmi or Xiaomi device running MIUI 12.

3. Deluxe LineUI | Download

Are you a speed lover? If so, then Deluxe LineUI is the theme you were looking for. Its quirky tonal colors, speeding car wallpapers, uniquely designed control center, and neon-shaped apps make it a pure adrenaline-pumping theme.

Tema original Deluxe LineUI

As if that were not enough, Deluxe LineUI has an amazing dark mode that adapts to all the menus , and provides a purple outline that gives more personality to the device. You want it? It is compatible with MIUI 12 and works on any Xiaomi or Redmi terminal without problems.

4. LANDSCAPE [OS] | Download

Landscape [OS] is a theme for adventurers. This can be seen with its background that portrays a tropical paradise , with formidable waves and dense jungle landscape that provide an incredible contrast of colors to the device. As if that were not enough, the theme combines the styles of Android and iOS in a single world, thus getting the best of both parties.

Tema original Landscape [OS]

The app icons, the lock screen and the widgets are very reminiscent of iOS, but these elements are complemented by the versatility of Android . Without a doubt, Landscape [OS] is an experience worth trying on your Xiaomi or Redmi device with MIUI 12.

5. Bubble 3D | Download

Last but not least, there is a fun theme whose peculiarity is to make the control center buttons look like three-dimensional bubbles. Bubble 3D is a simple but effective theme. But it doesn't just stop there, as both applications and widgets also get relief and depth . This effect harmonizes with the bluish background that adorns the terminal.

Tema original Bubble 3D

The only thing that is not affected by the bubble effect of Bubble 3D is the lock screen . For the rest, it is all a pleasant experience. If you want to download it, we tell you that it is compatible with MIUI 12 and works on all Xiaomi or Redmi devices.

Do you want to change region? Here we tell you how

What is promised is debt. Changing regions is not challenging. All you have to do to achieve this is go to Settings> Additional settings> Region and change the region of origin to another such as India . After completing this step, you will be able to download and install any theme. Keep in mind that once the theme of your preference is applied, you can return to the original region without any inconvenience .

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