For Android smartwatches: the long-awaited Spotify function is ready

For Android smartwatches: the long-awaited Spotify function is ready

If you like to use your Android smartwatch often to listen to music, you can finally enjoy a new function on Spotify that should have been part of the standard repertoire for a long time: Songs can now also be played offline. But this is not possible for all smartwatch owners.

Spotify: Offline playback now available for Android smartwatches

It only took a few days from the announcement to the launch of Spotify's offline musical function. The rollout has now begun and Spotify customers can finally enjoy their favorite songs on the go without an internet connection.

However, there are several restrictions: First of all, the full range of functions is only available for premium customers . Only then can you save entire albums and playlists locally on your smartwatch and play them on the go. However, all Spotify users can download podcasts and listen to them offline. What functionality customers can expect from Spotify Plus - the economy version that is currently being tested - is not yet known.

If you don't have a smartwatch yet, you will find a few things to consider in our video :

It doesn't work without Wear OS 2.0 or higher

In addition, your Android smartwatch must be running at least Wear OS 2.0 for offline playback of Spotify . Older versions are not supported. Spotify initially started the rollout rather quietly, which some users on Reddit noticed. Spotify has now officially confirmed that it has started to roll out offline playback (source: TheVerge).

Anyone who, as a Spotify customer, has either been lost on the go or had to use mobile data volume, will certainly appreciate the new function. However, there is a lack of understanding that the function is only now coming. If you can even do without additional data volume with the new function on the go, you could even save thanks to offline playback.

Spotify has not given an official release timeframe. Nevertheless, offline playback should soon reach all customers who can also use it.


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