Emergency warning by mobile phone: Vodafone sets the pace

Emergency warning by mobile phone: Vodafone sets the pace

The summer storms in Germany have shown: Even in this country one is not safe from natural disasters. In contrast to particularly high-risk countries, the warning systems can be expanded. If Vodafone has its way, that should change within a year.

Vodafone: Cell broadcast possible until summer 2022

By the end of next year at the latest, all cell phone users should be able to receive messages on their end device via Cell Broadcast (CB), such as a warning in the event of a disaster - this is what the Federal Cabinet wants. Vodafone is now pushing ahead and specifying the time frame: the necessary technology can be installed in the network by the end of summer 2022 , explains a Vodafone spokesman (source: dpa via Handelsblatt).

Although this is technically demanding, the necessary equipment must first be ordered. But there is no need to set up a completely new network, because cell broadcast is based on the existing cellular networks. All cell phones that are dialed into the network via a cell phone in the worst-case scenario automatically receive a message. Warning apps are not necessary for this, the technology also works with older cell phones.

The installation is also quick because the technology "only" has to be implemented in the cellular network and by the responsible authorities. The cell broadcast must also be well protected against hackers. Currently, the mobile phone providers are in coordination with the authorities. The Federal Network Agency is preparing a guideline for the technical requirements, writes the business newspaper. Once they are established, according to Vodafone, things can start.

Despite cell broadcast, warning apps will continue to play an important role in the future. In the video we show how the NINA app works:

It takes months to build: Politicians advise on warning system

A spokesman for Telefónica / o2 assumes that the construction will take a few months as soon as the politicians give their OK. Accordingly, a decision would have to be made quickly, on the agenda of the Bundestag the topic was on Wednesday. But Vodafone also urges attention: Cell broadcast is "not a panacea". You shouldn't do without radio, TV and warning apps in favor of CB.


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