{Disarmed} Xiaomi again accuses Realme of copying even their promotional campaigns

In the last year Realme has grown in a totally dizzying way, we cannot deny it . To do this, Realme has opted to follow the same steps as Xiaomi, offering products with a very good quality / price ratio and that on many occasions remind us of Xiaomi's own products .

And no, we are not just talking about smartphones. In the last year Realme seems to have been launching, at least in India, practically the same products as Xiaomi : televisions, laptops, travel bags, headphones and so on.

Xiaomi again accuses Realme of copying them in its latest campaign

But where is the problem? Of course, Realme trying to follow in Xiaomi's footsteps is good for us, Mi Fans. The greater the competition, the more effort Xiaomi will have to make to improve its products , and we are the ones who really benefit from it.

The new accusation that Xiaomi has manifested around Realme is given by the latest promotional campaign of these. As you can see on these lines, Sneha Tainwala, director of Redmi in India, accuses Realme of copying them in the campaign called " Realme Fan Festival 2021 " , very similar to the Mi Fan Festival held by Xiaomi this year.

New offers from Xiaomi to continue celebrating the Mi Fan Festival. News Xiaomi
Xiaomi Mi Fan Festival (2021)

For some time, Xiaomi has been celebrating the Mi Fan Festival in gratitude to all its followers . A very similar campaign not only in name to the Realme Fan Festival 2021 , but also in theme, offers, etc.

In short, Xiaomi has re-sowed controversy around what will probably be its biggest competitor in the coming years. From our point of view, totally unnecessary, before criticizing Realme they should be solving certain problems especially related to MIUI that are undoubtedly part of the main causes why many have decided to abandon their smartphones.

And you, what do you think?

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