{Disarmed} The 21 best Discord bots

The 21 best Discord bots

We bring you a list of the 21 best Discord bots , so you can get the most out of your servers . Discord is one of the most important group messaging services out there, and it has a function that allows you to add bots , small automatisms that you can often configure to suit your needs.

There are many types of Discord bots , from those oriented towards moderation to those that are designed to encourage the entertainment of the participants, there are also those that play music on voice chat channels. Here, we will try to bring you a compilation with the most outstanding ones so that you can add the ones you want.

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And as we always say in xiaomist.com Basics, if you consider that we have left a bot that you consider essential out of the list, we invite you to share it with everyone in the comments section . Thus, the rest of the readers will be able to benefit from the knowledge of our xatakeros community.



We are going to start our list with Apollo, a bot that will allow you to schedule events and messages on your server. With it, you can create an event and make the ad appear within the channel, so that users who see it can press a button to say that they are going to attend or to say that they are not sure.

In addition, you will be able to delete the event message or configure it to automatically delete after a certain time. The bot will also allow you to create recurring events or send private messages with reminders for the people registered for the event. Like many of the bots on this list, its basic functions are free, and then it has other paid ones to better customize the events.

  • Link : Apollo.fyi



We continue with Arcane, a bot designed to help you moderate channels . This means that it will detect and eliminate texts that contain spam or bad words that you have configured, being able to warn users, expel them or directly ban them so that they cannot re-enter for a certain time.

It also allows you to establish an experience and leveling system , so that the users who behave better will gain functions within the server, although the configuration of these experience levels is already part of the paid version.

  • Link : Arcane.bot



Ayana is a bot that is present, according to its managers, on more than 900,000 servers. Its goal is to be the go-to all-in-one solution for those looking for a versatile bot capable of meeting their needs for moderation, entertainment and music. One of its attractions is that it is translated into Spanish , which will greatly help users less well versed in English.

It is a fully customizable bot to your needs. It allows to moderate the content with automatisms, and it also has a music system with commands and a playlist with a queue, as well as commands and reactions intended for pure entertainment. This bot has a free version and a paid version with improved features.

  • Link : Ayana.io

Dank Memer


It is one of the most popular and veteran Discord bots, which has been fighting since 2017. It is an entertainment bot, with a wide variety of commands to find the perfect memes for any conversation. In addition, it also allows you to generate your own memes. The bot is free, although it has paid features to get more coins and memes.

Wait, coins? Yes, because Dank Memer also offers a coin system that allows you to obtain these coins with different types of games and bets. These coins, then you can use them to buy special items in the meme store that the bot has.

  • Link : Dankmemer.lol



Another powerful bot that seeks to offer you a wide number of functions in the same bot. All this, it offers you with a control panel in which you can configure all the functions that you have activated or the commands that you want to customize. The bot has moderation functions and many more.

In the moderation functions, it will save logs of the conversations, and you will be able to establish silences and temporary bans for users. In addition, it also has anti-spam and automatic moderation. It also has an auto-role system, customizable commands, and announcement and reminder systems , along with a ranking system for users that you can also customize.

  • Link : Dyno.gg
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If you are lovers of old text-based RPGs on your server, you are going to love this bot. Because it is precisely that, a bot to play role-playing games in which you have to tell it what you are going to do using the commands it has.

This bot is simple, but quite complete. The role-playing game that it offers, has dungeons, swords, memes, bets, PvP and leader board. You can go leveling up and obtaining better characteristics, facing other characters or the rest of the enemies and bosses at the end of the game.

  • Link : Bots.ondiscord.xyz/bots/555955826880413696

Friend time


In this list we have several bots that seek to help you with multiple tasks at the same time. This is the opposite, and it only serves to make conversions of hours . If on a server you have users from several countries or different time zones, when someone mentions a time in the chat, the bot will pass it on to the time you have in your country.

  • Link : Github.com/KevinNovak/Friend-Time

FredBoat ♪♪

It is another small bot dedicated to a specific task. This bot is used to put music on your server , and you can do it from sources such as YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Twitch or direct links. It is compatible with playlists, and also with streaming broadcasts.

To this must be added special features, such as that on YouTube and Soundcloud you can search by typing a command with the name instead of the direct link to the song. In playlists you can also use a random play mode, and you can also repeat specific songs.

  • Link : Fredboat.com



This is a bot to play hangman on your server, and it is used for single player games or games between several users. It has support for private messages, and you can play with your friends to see who of the two solves the word first.

  • Link : Bots.ondiscord.xyz/bots/371789181954818050



If your Discord server has a professional orientation or has a support channel, this bot provides a ticket system , which sends these help messages to certain channels that you have previously configured for it. These tickets can be tagged, organized, and responded to or closed by members of the team chosen to deal with them.

These functions are all free, although it also has a subscription plan with which you can unlock some extra advanced functions, such as the personalization of tickets or a translation system.

  • Link : Helper.gg
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This is another bot to be able to play a textual RPG on your Discord server . In it, you can create your own character to go on missions, buy and trade items that you get, fight against enemies or join groups of players. You can even marry other players. All this through commands for the bot.

  • Link : Patreon.com/idlerpg



Another of the most popular bots in all of Discord, present on more than 12 million servers according to its creators. It is a complete moderation bot that automatically analyzes your server's chats to detect violations of your rules, such as inappropriate language, spam, spoilers, external links, whatever you want. In addition, it has a series of commands to silence or eject the users that you determine.

The bot also has other add-ons, such as a music playback and level-up system. When users level up, they will be able to access different roles within the server. Of course, this is one of the bot's paid functions, because despite having its basic free functions, there are several others that require a subscription.

  • Link : Mee6.xyz



Another multifunctional bot, combining moderation tools with other entertainment . As for the moderation functions, you will be able to assign and delete roles automatically, obtain a log of events or moments of the chat, delete messages and impose filters, or obtain information on permissions and users through commands.

This bot also has music playback functions, and other functions such as Twitch notifications, currency conversions, weather information, information on anime chapters or a search engine on Reddit. In addition, it is also used to organize raffles and voting , in addition to other types of polls.

  • Link : Bots.ondiscord.xyz/bots/125367104336691200


A powerful freemium music application, in which the main functions are free and then you have other paid ones. It allows you to play any song available on YouTube or SoundCloud on your voice channels for everyone to hear. It also allows ** to create playlists and add songs to them , as well as repeat songs, pause them or add them to the queue. You can also display the lyrics of these songs.

The paid version seeks to improve this experience a bit with things that are not so relevant as to leave free users half-way. It is limited to adding longer queues, unlimited access to playlists, volume or bass adjustments, and filter control.

  • Link : Patreon.com/octavebot


If you have a server dedicated to gaming, this bot is sure to be of interest to all members. What it does is inform you about the patches and new versions of a growing list of games , which includes some of the most popular online games out there. As you can see, it does not last long but it does it well.

  • Link : Patchbot.io
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This is probably the most used music bot on Discord , and just with that you can already get an idea of ​​its robustness. It can play songs from YouTube, SoundCloud or Twitch, it has a simple and neat interface, and its creators ensure that you will never experience lag with it.

You can use the bot for free, but it also has several Premium rates to improve its characteristics, improving the sound quality, the duration of the songs and other characteristics.

  • Link : Rythm.fm



This is another quite simple bot, which simply serves to show you the statistics of your server at all times . You will be able to know how many people are registered, how many are connected or how many bots you have, among other data. All this with a very visual and aesthetic counter.

  • Link : Serverstatsbot.com



A bot that is already present in more than 1,300,000 servers, and that serves to create an active and healthy community . To do this, first, you can create a series of personalized messages, such as welcome messages or notifications.

The bot also has a moderation system, as well as its own sharing economy system. In addition, it also has a reputation system in which users can gain experience as they participate in the server, and gain levels to gain notoriety, and even allows you to create a virtual pet.

  • Link : Tatsu.gg


the typical multifunction bot. Well, kidding aside, we are dealing with a bot that seeks to be the only one you need if your community is not very large , although they are working on functions that may very soon level it up.

Currently, you have a moderation system to tidy up in your community . But the most interesting thing is what is to come, since they prepare a support system and help tickets, one of roles, and integration that are compatible with RCON, such as Minecraft, Rust, ARK: Survival Evolved, and more.

  • Link : Typicalbot.com



A security and moderation bot whose name is a reference to the character of John Wick. It has systems to avoid some types of attacks to the server, as well as different filters to combat spam. If you need it, it also allows you to verify users with the captcha system, and includes moderation systems.

  • Link : Wickbot.com
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And we end with Xenon, a bot that allows you to back up your server , upload templates to it, or transfer messages between multiple channels. In this way, the bot aims to be a tool with which you can restructure the server with the peace of mind that if the changes do not convince you, then you will be able to restore it with the backup.

The free version of the bot allows you to store up to 25 backups, which can be manual or made over a period of time. You can also have one interval backup per server. And if this is not enough, then you have paid versions with more backups and other extra functionalities.

  • Link : Xenon.bot

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