Currently free of charge instead of 1.99 euros: Android app to clean up your smartphone

Currently free of charge instead of 1.99 euros: Android app to clean up your smartphone

Over time, a lot of files accumulate on your own smartphone and tablet. Before you lose track of things, you should sort and assign them. This is exactly why you can now get the Android app "SUI File Explorer PRO", which is available free of charge for a short time. But the application has even more to offer.

Free Android app: "SUI File Explorer PRO" for free instead of 1.99 euros

Many Android smartphones and tablets now have a simple file manager. If you expect a little more, you have to access additional applications. The Android app "SUI File Explorer PRO" is available free of charge in the Google Play Store until August 3, 2021 , which otherwise costs 1.99 euros. This allows files to be managed perfectly. But the application can do much more than that. In addition to the possibility of moving, deleting, renaming, compressing or extracting files, you can also categorize all files and thus find them more easily. There is also a root file manager for professionals, but normal users will not need it.

As a special feature, the smartphone or tablet itself can become an FTP server , which means that files can then be called up directly from the mobile phone on the PC. The "SUI File Explorer PRO" only takes up a few MB on the mobile phone and only takes the rights that it really needs to carry out the actions.

In this video we show you more practical helpers for everyday life:

Free alternative in the Google Play Store

The "SUI File Explorer PRO" has been downloaded over 50,000 times from the Google Play Store and has 4.2 out of 5 stars. The range of functions and the small size are praised. The Android app is not available in German and some operating steps are very cumbersome.

If the app costs something again, there is a free alternative with the file manager. This is also available in German and is partly easier to use. But here there are in-app purchases and advertising if you want to use the full range of functions.


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