Bonus for Telekom tariffs: There is a big plus in data volume

Bonus for Telekom tariffs: There is a big plus in data volume

Once again, there is a data present from Telekom that is impressive. For several tariffs, the mobile phone provider treats you to a substantial plus in addition to the monthly data volume - at no extra charge. However, this offer is only available to very specific customers.

Telekom increases tariffs: 50 percent plus on data volume

Telekom has once again put together a data gift, but in this case not a one-off: The MagentaMobil Young tariffs have been revised and will be offering new upper limits for the high-speed data volume in just a few days. Compared to the current status, there should be an increase of 50 percent (source: Telekom).

The change will take effect on September 1st and will then apply to all those who rebook one of the tariffs concerned. The increased data volume will also be automatically topped up for existing customers from this day on. The Telekom offer includes the following tariffs:

MagentaMobil S Young with 9 GB for 29.95 euros per month (from the second year) MagentaMobil M Young with 18 GB for 39.95 euros per month (from the second year) MagentaMobil L Young with 36 GB for 49.95 euros per month Month (from the second year)

The MagentaMobil XL Young variant for EUR 74.95 per month already contains unlimited data volume, which can no longer be increased accordingly. According to Telekom, customers should benefit from the fact that all MagentaMobil Young tariffs receive a discount of 10 euros on the monthly basic fee in the first year . In the first year of the 24-month term, the monthly prices are correspondingly lower.

The Telekom tariffs are not among the cheapest. If you want to save elsewhere, you will find cheap smartphone bargains in our video :

Who will benefit from the Telekom offer?

The Telekom tariff upgrade is limited to the MagentaMobil Young tariffs. So you can only benefit from the improved conditions if you belong to the "young people" - in the understanding of Telekom this means: everyone under 28 years of age.

It also includes a telephone and SMS flat rate to all German networks as well as a hotspot flat rate. With all MagentaMobil Young tariffs, you also surf the 5G network, if available. Depending on the tariff selected, various StreamOn options can also be booked free of charge. But: In comparison, there are significantly cheaper offers, for example also in the Telekom network at Mobilcom-Debitel.


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