Android smartwatches: Owners of older watches dumped ice cold

Android smartwatches: Owners of older watches dumped ice cold

Google and Samsung have developed a new smartwatch operating system together with Wear OS 3.0. Although there are so far only two watches with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic that support the new Android operating system for smartwatches, an app developer is already canceling support for older watches. That might just be the beginning.

Older Android smartwatches: App developer gets out

A few weeks ago we pointed out that you should currently think carefully about whether you should buy an older Android or Tizen smartwatch. Google has developed a new operating system with Wear OS 3.0 and has taken Samsung away from Tizen. The older Android and Tizen watches are doomed. Faster than we actually expected, Strava is the first app developer to simply cancel support for older Wear OS watches (source: Strava).

For no apparent reason, Strava customers who have previously owned an Android watch from Fossil, Motorola, Mobvoi, Oppo etc. that are still running Wear 2.XX will be coldly excluded. Only Wear OS 3.0 is supported. This rule does not apply in a few weeks or months, so that the manufacturers of the smartwatches may still be able to deliver an update, but from now on .

So if you want to continue using Strava, you have to buy a new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. There are no other smartwatches with Wear OS 3.0. Updates for older watches are also not available . Strava is now exclusively represented on Samsung smartwatches, at least for the time being.

In the video we reveal all the details about the new Samsung smartwatches:

Other developers could take this as an example

The fact that app developers are dropping older Wear OS versions so quickly and switching to Wear OS 3.0 even though hardly any watches are available is very surprising. We had only expected such a procedure months after the market launch of several smartwatches from different manufacturers. One can only hope that other developers do not follow Strava as an example and do not dump their customers as well.


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