Android has to back off: Customers prefer this smartphone

Android has to back off: Customers prefer this smartphone

The market for smartphones is growing again this year, but mobile phones with Android are benefiting less from the upturn. Instead, the direct competition is enjoying higher demand - namely, customers are increasingly turning to iPhones.

In a few months 2021 will be history again. For the smartphone industry, there is reason to be happy after the Corona year 2020, because customers are buying more smartphones again. But how much will the industry ultimately grow this year?

Android will wash less hard in 2021: the iPhone triumphs

The market researchers at IDC already dare to make a corresponding forecast and know more. Accordingly, growth of 7.4 percent is expected - a good bit more than in the previous year and also a small increase compared to 2019, the year before the pandemic. However, the growth is not evenly distributed among all market participants. According to IDC, sales of Android phones will only increase by 6.2 percent at the end of the year , while Apple can look forward to a growth rate of 13.8 percent, almost twice as high as Android - so the iPhone is growing strongly (Source: IDC).

We remember: The iPhone 12 is a huge success for Apple, more than 100 million units were sold in full in June. With the iPhone 13, the changing of the guard is also ready. In contrast to the year before, probably without delay from September.

If xiaomist readers could choose, the new iPhone would look like the video in the future:

New hope markets

But it is not only in the systems that there is an uneven distribution of sales; the markets around the world will also differ more. The IDC researchers note:

"The world's largest markets - China, the United States and Western Europe - will continue to decline compared to 2019, but growing markets like India, Japan, the Middle East and Africa are driving the recovery."

In short: Apple and the iPhone are benefiting disproportionately from the upswing in the smartphone industry, and new markets in the world are compensating for a certain reluctance to buy in the previous home countries .


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