After 3G: Vodafone accelerates mobile data for LTE customers

After 3G: Vodafone accelerates mobile data for LTE customers

One week after the end of the 3G frequencies, Vodafone reports initial successes: The pace of the mobile Internet has increased noticeably among mobile customers throughout Germany. But not everyone benefits equally.

Thanks to the end of 3G: Vodafone customers surf much faster on their mobile devices

For a few weeks now you have been 15 to 20 percent faster online with your smartphone if you have a contract in the 4G network from Vodafone - at least that is what the Düsseldorf mobile operator has now discovered. The reason is simple and Vodafone confirms its approach: The additionally freed, former 3G frequencies now allow faster data throughput in the LTE network.

Specifically, Vodafone now has three additional "blocks" in use that transmit in the 2,100 MHz range (source: Vodafone). That, in turn, was previously reserved exclusively for 3G. The increase in performance is particularly noticeable at peak times when many customers are surfing the web or using data-intensive applications at the same time. In addition, the stability could be improved.

Who will benefit most from Vodafone's 3G shutdown?

The up to 20 percent extra for surfing speed is the nationwide average determined by Vodafone. Depending on where you are, the plus can be higher or lower. With a plus of 27 percent, customers from Regensburg benefit the most. Hildesheim and Munich follow in second and third place. In some cities, however, "only" an average increase of 10 percent was achieved.

The fact that the effect is particularly evident at peak times also suggests that customers in rural areas benefit less. Where there are fewer users anyway, the previous frequencies will also have been sufficient.

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Like Telekom, Vodafone had taken the 3G frequencies off the network at the end of June. o2, on the other hand, originally wanted to take more time for the gradual shutdown. In the meantime, however, the people of Munich are also tightening the reins.

Vodafone is satisfied with the end of UMTS, not only thanks to the stronger performance in the 4G network. "The shutdown process went smoothly - technically everything worked perfectly," explains Guido Weissbrich, network manager at Vodafone. Negative feedback was the exception. These are also good signs because there has recently been significant displeasure with Vodafone's fixed line network.


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