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Oukitel WP33 Pro Rugged Phone has the Highest 136dB Loudspeaker

The Oukitel WP33 Pro is not just a rugged phone; it has the loudest digital loudspeaker ever. It comes with a 136dB loud speaker, ensuring your audio experience is as immersive as your visual journey. The device is powered by MTK Dimensity 6100+, 24GB RAM, 256GB built-in storage, 22000mAh battery, and 33W fast charging. Surprisingly … The post Oukitel WP33 Pro Rugged Phone has the Highest 136dB Loudspeaker appeared first on XiaomiToday .

Samsung Galaxy S22 will be strong as a bear: not even the iPhone 12 can keep up

Samsung is breaking new ground with the Galaxy S22. For the first time in a smartphone, the South Koreans are installing a graphics unit from AMD. Benchmark results now show how powerful it is. Even the iPhone 12 is being overhauled. However, Samsung shouldn't be too happy too soon. The distribution of roles in the mobile communications market is clear: in terms of performance, Apple's iPhones are the undisputed leader, and Android smartphones have been lagging behind for years. In the coming year, however, the cards will be reshuffled, because a heavyweight enters the stage: AMD. Exynos 2200 from the Galaxy S22 beats A14 from the iPhone 12 According to the current state of knowledge, the chip manufacturer will provide the GPU in Samsung's new Exynos 2200 SoC, which will be built into the Galaxy S22. Benchmark results that have now emerged show that the competition has to be prepared for a lot. Compared to the A14 chip from the iPhone 12, the Exynos 2200 is said to have

CyberGhost: 84% discount on top VPN service today only

CyberGhost is one of the most popular VPN services on the market, which particularly scores with a high number of servers and broad support for streaming services. For a short time, you can secure the 2-year subscription from the provider with a great discount of 84%. xiaomist has the details of the deal for you. CyberGhost: Popular VPN service only available today with an incredible 84% discount If you are currently looking for a recommended VPN service, the provider CyberGhost has an excellent offer ready for you: For a short time, the provider grants you a whopping 84% discount on the 2-year subscription of its VPN service. + 2 free months . This means that you only pay 1.90 euros per month within the period. If, contrary to expectations, you don't like the service, you can also take advantage of a 45-day money-back guarantee . CyberGhost: Who is the VPN service worthwhile for? The use of a VPN service is worthwhile for every user who values ​​a high level of security an

Google Maps: If you don t share your data, you won t get any navigation

Google Maps is one of the most popular apps in the world. Anyone who owns a smartphone has probably used this application for navigation at some point. In order for route planning to continue to improve, Google needs user data. Those who do not share this will be excluded. Google Maps: turn-by-turn navigation against data only Update from 08/31/2021: The change in Google Maps applies from today. If you do not share your location data, you can no longer use turn-by-turn navigation . It is not clear whether the change will be implemented directly in Germany. Use is already being restricted in the USA. Original article: An important change is pending for Google Maps. In the USA, a new notice is displayed when the navigation app is started on Android and iOS. Google explains in an overview how user data improves the navigation of Google Maps. In this way , the company collects a lot of information about the GPS signal that is used during navigation. So Google knows where you are, wh

{Disarmed} This new Google method transforms pixelated photos into spectacular high-resolution images

If one thing is getting better at artificial intelligence, it is image generation. Based on an initial model, current artificial intelligences can generate a similar image , color or scale at higher resolution . The latter is something that Google's AI does very well, so much so that it converts fully pixelated photos into high-resolution photos . Recent research by Google's artificial intelligence department shows how new advances in this area allow creating incredible images. The company's machine learning model is capable of taking a photo with little resolution and scaling it to achieve unique details. {"videoId":"x83vfud","autoplay":false,"title":"AI Google upscale"} Diffusion models When it comes to climbing photographs by artificial intelligence, there are different methods to achieve this. The one used by Google is one called broadcast models. It is a generative model that began to be implemented in

{Disarmed} Samsung shows in action its prototype screen with several folds: its idea for the mobiles of the future

The models in Samsung's Galaxy Z range are currently the company's foldable phones on the market. It recently introduced the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G , however, it is not the only style of folding phone that the brand has in mind. A new working prototype from Samsung shows us a multi-fold device . The phone actually first appeared at Display Week 2021, but it was now at iMiD 2021 that it has been seen working. What exactly? A foldable phone (or tablet?) That has two hinges to make two folds of it. {"videoId":"x83veud","autoplay":false,"title":"IMID 2021 - Did you know that display can be folded like an S curve Samsung Display"} As can be seen in the video, it is a phone capable of folding into a Z shape (despite the fact that current models are already called Z ...) thanks to the two hinges. This allows you to have a tablet screen that is reduced to just a compact mobile thanks to the two folds. Samsung indica

Samsung celebrates huge smartwatch success: Apple has to dress warmly

Although Samsung has been building smartwatches for many years, the South Korean company has not managed to secure a top position. That is changing now. Apple and Huawei lose, Samsung is catching up and is now likely to grow even more. Samsung becomes the third largest smartwatch manufacturer Believe it or not, Samsung hasn't played a huge role in the smartwatch market so far. That is changing now. While Apple continues to linger in first place and Huawei in second place, Samsung is catching up. The South Korean company is now in third place . This is particularly interesting because Apple and Huawei have lost shares, while Samsung has increased compared to last year: This does not even include the new smartwatches from Samsung. With the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, Samsung is switching to the Google Wear OS operating system, creating many new possibilities. The interest is so great that there are delivery problems . So the chances are pretty good that Samsung wi

{Disarmed} The mystery of the "light PS5" revealed: the heatsink is smaller and that explains how it has "thinned" 300 grams

The PS5 has lost weight. We counted it a few weeks ago, when the first models of those "light PS5" made their appearance with one clear difference: they weighed 300 grams less, but nobody knew why . Now the first units have begun to reach some analysts, and the first analyzes of their interior have revealed the mystery of that weight loss. The PS5's heatsink is now smaller , and some say that causes an average rise of 5 ° C during operation. Smaller, but also more efficient? The youtuber Austin Evans published his analysis of both models: he got a model of that light PS5 that for now is only on sale in Japan and Australia and he opened both consoles to compare component by component what the differences were. {"videoId":"x7zipp1","autoplay":true,"title":"PS5 vs XBOX SERIES X Ahora TÚ DECIDES cuál comprar"} Almost immediately you noticed how the new heatsink is smaller , and as seen in the picture it tak

{Disarmed} With more than 3000 buildings, this Minecraft city rivals the projects to replicate Middle Earth or Westeros

The work of setting up colossal cities or terrains in ' Minecraft ' has already abounded since its release in 2009, when players realized that wandering their procedural worlds was just part of the fun . Then came the amateur architects who have replicated environments from different works of fiction, or have created, with very different sources of inspiration, their own constructions. The Creative mode, which allows the player to fly, squeeze the game's engine to the full, and gives them the ability not to worry about the energy bars of Survival mode, is the place chosen by these players more interested in construction than in challenges resistance . They are the ones who have built scenarios such as Kingdoms Of Greymane, which took seven years to complete, the Night City of 'Cyberpunk 2077 ', fantasy worlds such as Westeros or Middle-earth (huge works that are still unfinished) or even their own planet Earth at 1: 1 scale . In The creator of &#

{Disarmed} The Movistar + premieres in September 2021: all the new series and films

Between Alejandro Amenábar's new blockbuster and a documentary about The Pogues' leading dipsomaniac there is an apocalypse in Mexico. And this is just a small sample of what Movistar + has for the month of September . The platform kicks off the course with documentaries about music and 9/11, adventure films and exclusive series. These are all his proposals. Premiere series ' La Fortuna ' {"videoId":"x83pxpd","autoplay":false,"title":"La Fortuna | Tráiler 2"} Álvaro Mel, Ana Polvorosa, Karra Eklejalde and Stanley Tucci lead an international cast for this ambitious series that begins when a young diplomat confronts an American treasure hunter over the remains of a sunken Spanish wreck . Alejandro Amenábar directs his first series based on the comic by Paco Roca and Guillermo Corral 'El tesoro del Cisne Negro'. An ambitious and atypical production that recovers the best traditional adventure gen

{Disarmed} The arrival of HBO Max in Spain is imminent: the platform lands in autumn 2021

It gets closer every time. The long-awaited arrival on our screens of HBO Max, the latest version of HBO , is just around the corner. Although there is no specific date, it has been confirmed that in autumn 2021 it will land both in Spain and in the Nordic countries . It will be followed by Portugal and Central and Eastern Europe. This was announced in a talk at the Series Mania event by Priya Dogra, president of WarnerMedia Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia (except China) and Christina Sulebakk, CEO of HBO Max EMEA. These are the new territories to which the platform accesses after its landing in Latin America last June. In HBO Max: release date, price, models and everything we think we know about the platform Three months later, in Europe After its launch in the United States on May 27, Warner announced that HBO Max would arrive in Europe progressively in the second half of the year , but without giving further details. The perspective was that perhaps for S