Xiaomi improves MIUI security by expanding antivirus definitions

In addition to having incorporated two new battery and performance management modes , Xiaomi has improved MIUI security in the latest Closed Beta. Now, the security analysis will be carried out in a more intensive way , having two antivirus definitions simultaneously.

After the launch of Beta V21.7.26, Xiaomi has unveiled the new way in which our device will be scanned for possible risks, simultaneously using the definitions provided by AVL and Tencent .

More security for our devices

As we can see in the following image provided by MIUIes , Xiaomi has integrated new elements in the virus scan of its Security application . Now a new option called " Possible risks " will also be displayed.

Xiaomi mejora la seguridad de MIUI ampliando las definiciones de antivirus. Noticias Xiaomi A

But it does not finish here. If previously only the malware definition provided by Tencent was used , now the AVL definition will also be used simultaneously, thus expanding the list of possible elements that are dangerous for the integrity and security of our device.

In this way, the security scan that MIUI has will become much more extensive , all in order to avoid possible threats. Of course, at the moment this novelty is only available in the latest beta for the China ROM so it will still take some time to see it in the Global ROM.

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